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A curated showcase of Colorado makers, cocktails, and craft beer in a seasonal pop-up location

Hallelujah! You have been invited to register for the Denver Flea. The Flea returns this year with four seasonal events in our quest to celebrate the finest made goods, beer, and food. We are excited to announce our 2015 schedule and approach to vendors. Take a minute to learn more about the Denver Flea vision and mission. In the end, we are committed to giving the most to our vendors. 


APR 17 | 18
Bindery on Blake

JUN 27 | 28
Surprise Outdoor Location!

SEPT 12 | 13
Surprise Outdoor Location!

DEC 5 | 6
Surprise Warehouse Location!


The Spring Flea will feature a "Launch Party" on Friday night (6PM - 10PM) where we will host a huge kick off party and shopping adventures for select Flea attendees! On Saturday (Noon - 7 PM), the Denver Flea as you know it will resume. We are expecting 2,000 guests on Friday and 8,000+ on Saturday. 



The Denver Flea Vision:

To change the way people think of a flea market; to build a unique and enjoyable retail experience (physical and online) where people can discover a quality selection of retailers and enjoy themselves in a fun and energetic atmosphere. 


Denver Flea is committed to elevating creative business in Denver. Our aim is to support locally-based companies as well as folks who build upon Denver’s individual character no matter where they call home.

We are a conduit through which businesses reach an interested audience looking to engage with people who celebrate and represent a vibrant Colorado lifestyle.


REGISTRATION POLICY: At this time, registration for Denver Flea is by invitation only. This information and opportunity to register for Denver Flea is not meant to be shared with other vendors. Please help us maintain the integrity and level of curation that makes Denver Flea such a successful event. Thank you!

DENIAL POLICY: We reserve the right to deny any registration at any time for any reason. If a registration is denied a refund (full or partial) will be remitted to the registered vendor in a timely manner. 

SHARING A BOOTH: Sharing a booth only entails sharing the space at the Denver Flea event. Denver Flea will charge an additional $50 per Flea for sharing a booth. The marketing benefits of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cannot be shared between 2 vendors. If interested in additional marketing benefits, please contact Blake Adams at 





The Denver Flea is a combination of events and a year long marketing arm. This Tier is built for companies looking to get the most out of both. In purchasing Tier 1, your company will be seen by thousands. With roughly ten thousand people attending each day of the Denver Flea, you'll want the most space to build out your booth. We guarantee 200 square feet with a prime location to set up. This should give your company ultimate exposure and an opportunity to reach every guest who walks into the Denver Flea. 

While the experiential exposure at each Flea is great, the marketing aspects will continue throughout the year. Our goal is to build up your presence and following across all four Denver Flea events. Tier 1 enables your brand to gain exposure within all the Denver Flea marketing! We're starting off 2015 with over 14,000 subscribers (a dedicated email included), over 30,000 page views per Flea (a profile on our site included), and a growing social presence (social campaigns also included). Not to mention all of our street team marketing across the city. 

Note: Tier 1 is a year-long commitment. Pay in full by March 8th and save 10%. You can also opt to pay quarterly. Sign up for Spring Flea, and we’ll send you an invoice each quarter for the remainder of Denver Flea events in 2015.



10 x 20 Booth

Top Choice Location

1 Dedicated Email Per Year

Name Included In All Emails

Profile (See Mockup)

Highlighted Name on Flea Homepage

1 Dedicated Social Post Per Flea

Name in Press Release


$1,000 Per Flea

$3,600 Advanced Pay

(10% off before March 8)




The Denver Flea is all about celebrating our vendors! In 2015, we are committed to spreading that message even more by producing the best events and telling more stories to our followers. Tier 2 guarantees a booth for all four Denver Flea events in 2015. Our goal is to get over 75,000 people through the doors this year. The purchase of Tier 2 includes a 150 square foot booth area and the opportunity to assist in location placement. 

We want to continue to tell your story throughout the year. Our goal is to give the Denver Flea fan base more opportunities to learn about Flea vendors. The marketing exposure for Tier 2 will all be story based. To kick off the story telling, we'll build a profile page on the Denver Flea website about your company. This profile will include professional pictures and an intimate write up. We'll drive traffic with a dedicated email (over 14,000 subscribers), social media posts, and our heavy web traffic.  The marketing benefits of Tier 2 cannot be shared. 

Note: Tier 2 is a year-long commitment. Pay in full by March 8th and save 10%. You can also opt to pay quarterly. Sign up for Spring Flea, and we’ll send you an invoice each quarter for the remainder of Denver Flea events in 2015.



10 x 15 Booth

Second Choice Location

1 Dedicated Email Per Year

Profile (See Mockup)

Name on Flea homepage

2 Social Posts Per Year


$500 Per Flea

$1800 Advanced Pay

(10% off before March 8)




This is just for those companies who only are interested in having a booth at the Denver Flea. We understand not all companies care about marketing or telling their story. Not to fear! Booths at each Flea will be available for sale a month or two before each event. These booths will be sold under a first come, first served basis. The number of booths will vary for each Flea. Regardless, our goal is to get over 75,000 people through the Denver Flea doors in 2015. The Flea booth will include 100 square feet and will have a ton of exposure throughout the event. If you choose to share your space with another vendor, you will be charged an additional fee of $50.00. 



10 x 10 Booth

Name on Vendor Announcement Email

Name on Flea homepage

Shared Social Posts


$350 Per Flea

(Additional fee of $50 for sharing a booth)