The Denver Flea came together one fine, over-caffeinated morning at Denver Bicycle Cafe. Founded by three Denver dudes (Blake, Casey, & PJ) who shared a common goal of throwing a fun market that was approachable, community-curated, beer-forward and held at great locations around the city. Our first Denver Flea was in May 2014—since then, we've had many Fleas, including the Holiday Edition - our biggest event yet. We're excited to produce a full series of fleatastic events in 2016 with the collaborative support of Two Parts, LOLO LLC, Sam Fields LLC, and our Flea community at large. We hope to continue to support our vendors! When that stops, we stop. 


To change the way people think of a flea market; to build a unique and enjoyable retail experience (physical and online) where people can discover a quality selection of retailers and enjoy themselves in a fun and energetic atmosphere. 


Denver Flea is committed to elevating creative business in Denver. Our aim is to support locally-based companies as well as folks who build upon Denver’s individual character no matter where they call home.

We are a conduit through which businesses reach an interested audience looking to engage with people who celebrate and represent a vibrant Colorado lifestyle.



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The Flea has done an incredible job bringing together a wide variety of vendors that do so many things. At fleas you typically see female-dominant jewelry. Here you see everyone from people who make pickles to butchers to people who do woodworking and leatherworking. What makes it unique is how many industries it touches. Here we have so many incredible makers and industries, and to pay homage to that, to bring them together in one place will create success.”
— Kate Kavanaugh, owner of Western Daughters
“All the organizers are very good at what they do, and it’s really well organized. They transform this old empty warehouse into an incredible venue and create and amazing environment. It’s really inspiring. Also the vendors are amazing. They just rock. Everyone’s booths are so well done.”
— Laura Norris, owner of Adorn
The most exciting thing about the Denver Flea is interacting with consumers and getting feedback. The first flea we did was very successful. It’s a very beneficial tool to reach consumers who might not know your product and let them be able to taste it on the spot.”
— Matt Pickett, co-founder of Pickett Brothers
“Some of the best days [I’ve had] in Denver were at the Flea. It’s a lot more than a shopping experience. Other markets are about transactions. They are competitive and hard to get into. You have to apply seven months in advance. They pack as many vendors into a tiny space as humanly possible. You can’t talk to anyone more than 30 seconds. Why other markets don’t take off—and why Denver Flea is drawing tens of thousands every time—is because they do so much to make every vendor happy. The organizers are just awesome people. Their vision for the future is admirable. They’re so enthusiastic and excited about what they do. Every time we’re at the Flea they remind our crew that we were the first vendor to sign up and how grateful they are for that. They do a good job of maintaining relationships. And they’ve done such an awesome job of getting high levels of attendees and great attendees.”
— Jeremy Priest, president and co-founder of Knotty Tie