Behind the band - SET SAIL

Photo: Tom Z.


The Background: Clay has been making the rounds in the Colorado music scene as a guitarist for over a decade now. Cornelius currently plays with Set Sail, Rose Quartz and Sunboy, and became involved with Set Sail when Brandon moved back to Colorado a little over a year ago (he was living in San Clemente, CA). He started Set Sail in Australia a few years ago. The band evolved from busking on the streets of Melbourne and Sydney to playing festivals all over Australia, Europe and Asia. 

What does Set Sail mean to you, musically?

The music is fun, relatable, poetic, poppy and everything in between. Your girlfriend and your dad will both love it. 


I met Tears for Fears when I was 15!


I have barely gotten sunburned at all this summer!


I need harmonica lessons, hit me up if you can help!

Photo: Kate Holstein

How did Set Sail become a project? Can you describe it for people?

Brandon started Set Sail a few years back in Australia. Through constant busking and DIY promotion, he was able to put together an amazing group of musicians, make some timeless recordings and tour throughout Australia, Europe, Asia and the United States. The music has always retained that fun and instantly accessible aesthetic that the band started with.

Where you do find inspiration?

We all draw inspiration from the outdoors. While the older Set Sail music contains obvious odes to the beach and the culture around that, we all grew up in Colorado, an experience which inevitably seeps into the music we create together. 


Where did you get your start in music?

The first show I ever played was in my Mom's basement in 2004. We sounded as terrible as you would expect, but there was a loving community built around giving young kids an outlet to express themselves. We kept booking shows, and eventually we started to sound not like shit!

What does the Denver music scene mean to you?

The Denver music scene will always hold a special place in my heart because of the sense of community and support that it has provided. Now that Denver is more in the national spotlight, it has given local bands even more motivation to push the boundaries of their creativity and work ethic.

With this being your second time at The Denver Flea, what can people expect this weekend?

Sunshine, beers, amazing food and of course the summertime musical vibes from us ;)