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The folks at HW Home put a lot of elbow grease into their stores, which all look like sexy, highly styled vignetted shops. But they worry that often people walk by and think they're out of their price range, and part of a national chain. Turns out, neither is true. HW Home is actually local and quite affordable. They also boast about their team of designers to help figure out your need and customize anything. These home wares and furniture pieces are worth taking a real look at!

What does HW Home mean to you?

HW Home’s Visions is to inspire the art of living & lifestyle through curated aspirational and thoughtful design. We seek to exceed our customers' expectations by fulfilling their desires for home furnishings, accessories and design with a keen focus on style, value, quality and service. HW Home always strives to care for and satisfy the needs of our customers, our team members and our vendor partners.


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HW is little and local founded in Boulder in 1999



Most all team members are qualified designers


Nearly all items in our showroom are in-stock for immediate delivery


Photo: Kate Holstein

Where do you find inspiration?

Travel, great designers, our team. Ideas come in many places. Recently, I was in a hotel where I saw a sculpture, and next thing I knew I was designing a series of wall art that will be in the HW stores in about 45 days.

What's a day in your shoes like?

Perpetual motion. HW Home never stops. We are a collaborative effort of talented, hard working, dedicated team members. As a small, local business, everyone wears many hats. Customer care and great design always lead the charge.

Where did you get your start?

HW Home was founded in Boulder after a visit 18 years ago, when we came to help my sister design a new home. We quickly saw a niche and need for a high styled, high touch, high service specialty boutique furniture store. We packed up from Chicago to launch HWHome. We started in 1600 feet with just the two of us and my sister part time.

What's your greatest accomplishment?

I am really proud that 18 years ago my Partner Jim & I had an idea to open a small design-focused furniture shop in Boulder. And today we operate a group of stores staffed by the most amazing team, stocked with a truly unique assortment of high quality, well-priced goods, and that we have the most impeccable reputation in town and across the country. The fact that we have won nearly every award possible locally and nationally says something.

We were intrigued by the concept of a modern flea market. HW Home always has been about local – being local & supporting local. Denver Flea is a great way to truly be part of a local movement and introduce our brand to thousands of people who may not know us yet
— Ron Werner, Founder