Photo: Tom Z.

Photo: Tom Z.

FLEAKIN' OUT WITH strafe outerwear

The minds behind Strafe like going fast, and they’re continually inspired by a dedication to living life in the mountains and making versatile gear designed to perform across all conditions. They pride themselves on being athlete-owned, and working create the gear they need.

What does strafe mean to you?

Strafe is our passion. It personifies our enthusiasm for living life to the fullest in our home, the Elk Mountains, and taking advantage of everything this incredible place has to offer. Strafe is our creative canvas, creating a surrounding where we can try new out of the box ideas that maybe won’t work, but we try them because we see their possibilities. Strafe is our family, it brings our friends and local community together to appreciate and experience the outdoors as a group of dedicated mountain enthusiasts. 


Photo: Ian Fohrman

Photo: Ian Fohrman


We were started by two twin brothers, John and Pete Gaston, who are both professional ski athletes. John is the US National SkiMo Champion and Pete is a professional ski mountaineer for Salomon, Oakley, and Strafe. 



We are dedicated to creating the most stylish and functional gear using the most advanced fabrics available. We use Polartec NeoShell, Polartec Alpha, and eVent fabrics in our garments to achieve the extremely high level of performance we demand. 


Our headquarters is located at the base of Aspen Highlands in Aspen CO. Our brand was founded from an obsession with the Highland Bowl and the unique demands skiing the bowl places on outerwear. 


Photo: Kate Holstein

Photo: Kate Holstein

Where do you find inspiration?

We derive our inspiration from our home, the Elk Mountains. It is what has shaped out brand and product. 

What's a day in your shoes like?

On a typical day we all wake up early and get out for a morning adventure before heading into work around 9am. In the summer it’s biking or running and in the winter it’s a ski tour. After our morning adventure we hangout and work in our headquarters at the base of Aspen Highlands ski area. We usually will try to get out for another afternoon evening adventure if time allows. 

Where did you get your start?

John Gaston founded Strafe in 2009 with a simple mission. To make highly technical and functional outerwear that looks great and has style. 

What's your greatest accomplishment?

We have been a brand for six plus year now and have received several awards and editors picks in various publications. But, above the recognition for our product, our brand has come to be viewed as a cultural hub for mountain enthusiast here in Aspen. We want to get our customers, friends, and anyone who wants to experience the mountains, to be as stoked as we are about enjoying the outdoors. We are here to show them how to look good and stay comfortable while doing that. 

Being from Aspen is a definitive aspect of our brand. It is where we live, enjoy the mountains, and where the idea for Strafe was conceived.
— Whit Boucher

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