Inspired by rugged terrain of their own back yard, and built from a foundation of pure natural fibers, each and every VOORMI product starts it’s journey in the heart of the Rocky Mountains near Pagosa, Colorado.  They pride themselves in not making disposable gear and focusing on creating hardworking, long lasting pieces that survive season after season.

What does voormi mean to you?

VOORMI® is a true microbrew of apparel, rooted in the technical advancement of natural fibers, and fit for the rugged realities of mountain living. We seek to not only redefine what is possible in terms of fabric performance, but also to make a lasting economic impact in our local mountain communities.



We’re located in the small mountain community of Pagosa Springs, Colorado:  Next to over 1.8 Million Acres of National Forest, and at the foot of the harsh and rugged testing grounds of the San Juan Mountains


We build professional grade clothing from natural fibers, custom engineering each and every one of our fabrics


From Rocky Mountain sourced wool to the final stitch of the finished garment, everything we make is built right here at home in the USA

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Where do you find inspiration?

No doubt, our inspiration comes from the ski patrollers, guides, and other mountain professionals who wake up every day and go to work in our mountain communities.  Not only do they represent the backbone of just about every small town here in Colorado, they also happen to be some of the most demanding and abusive consumers we have ever come across.

What's a day in your shoes like?

That’s hard to answer, as every day is so uniquely different in the life of a small company.  Whether we’re laying out next season’s line, shooting photography for the catalog, designing the next generation of high performance textiles, or catching the morning after a storm cycle, it’s always a new adventure.

Where did you get your start?

Our journey started as a few guys in a snake-infested building on the outskirts of Pagosa Springs.  Since that time, we’ve not only grown the team, but also invested in building our brand new micro-manufacturing and design center downtown.  We’d love for you to drop in and see what we’re up to next time you’re rolling through!

What's your greatest accomplishment?

Living in a small community filled with outdoor professionals that rely on our clothing each and every day, the proudest moments often happen in the most unexpected places.  Walking in to our local brewery and hearing about the difference our gear made that day, or getting photos from a far away basecamp is a pretty special thing.  There’s nothing like the personal accountability that comes someone you have to see every day putting their hard earned money down on your gear. 

We’re working hard to stay focused on exactly what we want to be doing every day: Quite simply… making better gear for real people.
— Dustin English

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