Meet the Maker: 5Seeds

5 seeds 268.JPG

Deanna Mumfrey, an eco-concious local designer and the founder of 5Seeds, handmakes beautiful scarves and reversible headbands primarily out of remnant and repurposed textiles. Using a variety of bright and colorful prints, Deanna creates all of her headbands from repurposed product leftover from her other scraps and 5Seeds scarves. 

What does your brand truly mean to you?

5Seeds means family to me. The name stands for my 3 kids and 2 dogs, all of whom are my little seeds. They are why I started 5Seeds and why I continue to expand and create. You can now even see the 1st and 2nd Seeds working at events. 

first product you created?

A basic jersey knit infinity scarf.

how has your brand evolved or grow over the years?

5Seeds has evolved over the years by becoming focused on only two products. When I first started I had many different handmade products and quite frankly it seemed disjointed.  By clearly defining my brand to be only scarves and headbands it has allowed my customers to know exactly what they are getting from 5Seeds. Although we focus on only two products, we have a massive selection for each of those products.  We always have hundreds of different patterns and colors to choose from for both scarves and headbands. Since I buy remnant fabrics and only produce small batches from each, my inventory changes for every single show we participate in. Returning customers can always find new and different scarves and headbands at each show.

what materials do you work with?

I work exclusively with knit fabrics, including jersey, Ponte, scuba, and ITY, just to name a few.  The majority of my fabrics are remnants, from many different sources.  By utilizing remnants I can help reduce the amount fabric that is dumped in landfills each year.

Why do you do what you do?