Meet the Maker: Colorado Glasses


Colorado Glasses founder Jeremiah Prummer's inspiration for starting the company came from his parents, who risked everything to start a business that positively influences their entire community. Offering sunglasses that are made for the Colorado lifestyle, Colorado Glasses aims to improve the industry through offering a "best in class" warranty, superb customer service, and affordable pricing. 

What does your brand truly mean to you?

Our brand is a way for us to invest in our community through sustainable, living wage employment, an excellent product, and the industry’s best customer service.

first product you created? 

Colorado Blue Sky Sunglasses

what was your inspiration for starting your brand?

Sunglasses are an essential part of Colorado life, but the sunglass market is largely overpriced. We believe we can fundamentally change the industry and give the people of Colorado much more value.

what's your brand evolved and grown over the years? 

Since the beginning everything we’ve done has been driven by customer feedback. Our warranty, product and service has all changed over time as we constantly strive to meet the needs of our customers.

What's your favorite product or collection you've created?

Our favorite product is currently in development. It’s fun, creative, and will hopefully be a truly innovative market changer.

why do you do what you do?