Meet the Maker: Belle on Pearl


Belle on Pearl owner Shelley Martinez initially got her creative start refinishing old furniture before transitioning to jewlery. Every piece of jewelery, ranging from earrings and necklaces, is made in Denver using gold, feathers, beads, and charms. 

what does your brand mean to you?

My brand represents a creative outlet where I can create and design.

how has your PROCESS evolved over the years? 

I have transitioned from furniture to jewelry. I started out refinishing old furniture and building headboards, then slowly transitioned to jewelry.

how Has your brand evolved?

My brand has evolved from following trends (chalk paint) and copying them to creating my own completely independent ideas.

what materials do you work with?

Gold. Gold. Anything Gold. It’s my favorite primary and complimentary color.

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

I have a full time job in finance and needed a place to be creative and free from the office environment. 

what's your favorite product or collection you'e created? 

My gold-dipped earrings have been the best part of the creation process, a completely unique idea that I designed and executed. 

why do you do what you do?

Creation is an essential part of my life, it’s my outlet and where I find peace after a busy day. 

what's the best part of your day?

Coming home from my full time job in the finance world and sitting down in my studio listening to music and creating. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Red and Gold Feather earrings to add some flair to our ears this holiday season. 




I source all of my beads, feathers and supplies from other small companies.



All of my products are designed and created by me.



My passion is storytelling through film so I only started painting and designing less than a year ago.

Creation is an essential part of my life, it’s my outlet and where I find peace after a busy day.
— Shelley Martinez