Meet the Maker: Bespoke Provisions


In just a few years time, Bespoke Provisions founder Rachelle Miller has grown the company from its beginnings as a one-product show with handmade crackers to the larger kitchen and home goods production it is today. From gourmet sea salts and loose leaf teas to the Sleep Over Stick skin care set and new Swedish-style dishcloths, we can guarantee that there's plenty to see, smell, eat and buy within the Bespoke Provisions booth.

At the Summer Flea, Rachelle be introducing her new Sleep Over CBD Gummies - they are made with CBD, which is a known stress reliever, and may help to assist the body in reaching a more relaxed state for a better night of sleep. 

what does your brand mean to you?

I really value the creative exploration that comes with creating and building a brand. One of the coolest things about running your own business is that you can test out different things and do a bunch of experimentation.

Bespoke Provisions has grown over the years to encompass new goods for the kitchen and home.  And early last year, I entered the skin care market with Sleep Over Stick, a facial cleanser and moisturizer in a stick for travel, the gym and the occasional sleepover. I was particularly proud when Anthropologie picked it up last spring.

Overall, it feels pretty special and exciting when I create a new product and watch it come together for the first time.

how has your BRAND evolved over the years? 

Bespoke has grown from a single food product (crackers) to more of a canopy for kitchen and home products including gourmet sea salts, a curated loose leaf tea collection and wood wick soy candles.  And as a complement to the things I make, I’ve recently been scouting products that I personally enjoy using like these sustainable Swedish-style dishcloths from the UK.  The brand has an engaging design aesthetic and the cloths are super functional. I look forward to sharing them at the Spring Flea. 

what materials do you work with?

In the Bespoke realm, I source the best ingredients I can find.  Our sea salts for cooking are delicious and fun to experiment with. And the newly expanded loose leaf tea range was curated with the help of a tea sommelier and an exhaustive tasting process.  

Our hand-poured Bespoke candles contain 100% soy wax from soy grown fairly locally on an Iowa farm.  Additionally, our wood wicks are sustainably harvested in the US and we pour into WECK jars from Germany (founded 1895) which can be repurposed in the kitchen after their 70-plus hour burn time. 

And on the Sleep Over Stick front, my skincare products are botanical based and made without synthetic fillers, additives, or chemicals (including parabens, sulfates and phthalates). I use organic ingredients whenever possible and source from reputable North American companies that adhere to strict manufacturing processes that guarantee efficacy and purity. The Sleep Over brand is cruelty free and I enjoy testing on myself and generously obliging friends.

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

Oh it’s hard to choose, but at the moment it would have to be Sleep Over Stick, plus the new products in the range which include a CBD infused face serum which I’m really excited about. 

What was your inspiration for starting your brand?

Bespoke Crackers came into being during a particularly acute obsession with baking.  And over time, the inspiration for new products came from things that I personally use and obsess over on a regular basis, like sea salt, tea and soy candles.

And Sleep Over Stick was literally dreamt into being; one morning I woke up with the name and the idea of a facial cleanser and moisturizer in a stick form.  I starting working on it shortly thereafter and it was one year later that I held the final boxed set in my hand. 

sleep over stick.jpg

what's the best part of your day?

First, the magical mind focusing effect of morning coffee. After that there isn’t one specific part because every day really is completely different. I wear most of the hats, so one day I can be going over finances and the next I’ll be deep into product development.  

why do you do what you do?

In addition to enjoying trips down the rabbit hole of product development, it is really fun to do local shows like the Denver Flea.  The compliments and feedback I receive from customers really make it worthwhile. 

best part about being a colorado maker?

Colorado is full of amazing makers, so seeing success around me was definitely encouraging when I first started. It’s also terrific to be in a place where people are so supportive of local goods and who truly seem to understand that how they spend their money is one of the most powerful ways to make a difference in the Colorado economy.

advice to others seeking a similar path in life? 

Follow your instincts. Do your research and focus on quality. Ask for help. If you are really passionate about something and know in every fiber of your body that it is the right path…then go for it.

on the denver flea wish list: 

One of the new summer candle scents - beachwood vetiver and salty sea air -

which would be perfect for channeling the ocean vibes here in Denver!


If you are really passionate about something and know in every fiber of your body that it is the right path…then go for it.
— Rachelle Miller