Meet the Maker: billie boutique


billie, one of Denver's top fashion boutiques, was founded by Brittany and Sarah, two like-minded friends in fashion to offer an accessible, personalized approach to shopping. Fueled by the intention to create a comfortable atmosphere for women to play with style,  the duo hand selects each piece with the customer in mind. At both their brick and mortar shop on Tennyson Street and in their online shop, you'll find fun, everyday pieces, handmade jewelry from artisans across the country, plus a line of backpacks and accessories designed by Brittany and Sarah themselves. 


billie offers a unique collection that makes women feel comfortable, confident, and beautiful without sacrificing their own personal style or emptying their wallets.  We provide a fun and friendly atmosphere and go out of our way to make sure everyone is happy with their overall experience.

how did you two find each other? 

Brittany: I grew up with Sarah's husband and we met and became friends about five years ago when I moved here. We realized quickly that we both had an interest in the fashion industry and a dream to start our own store. Our idea evolved through the years until Billie was created, and here we are!

where did your interest in fashion begin?  

Sarah: My mom can tell you some pretty interesting stories about how her three-year-old daughter wouldn't leave the house until her outfit was just right. She is an incredible seamstress and I'd watch her make beautiful wedding dresses growing up; as an adult I'd work with her to create my own dresses! I've always had a passion for clothing and feel that what you wear can embody the best of your personality. I worked in the fashion industry for five years before pursuing a career in graphic design. After 10 years of working for design and marketing firms, I decided to return and focus my energy on our new business.

Brittany: I've always had an interest in fashion. I remember consistently pushing the envelope from a young age, sketching my own designs and even my own prom dress. Take that with a grain of salt—I’ve never been an artist. But I love to write, and so my dream evolved. I graduated college with a degree in Non-Fiction Writing in hopes of writing for a fashion magazine. It was 2008; print journalism was suffering, and with that, my career aspirations did as well. So, I made the switch to event sales and marketing for hotels and restaurants. Without the skills and the mentors I acquired during my time in that industry, I could have never hoped to run a successful business. Now I feel equipped to pursue my dream. 

what are customers looking for when they shop with you?  

Sarah: Our customers want to have fun and feel special while they discover unique pieces at an attainable price.

IS IT A CHALLENGE TO STay on trend, or do you stock what you like to wear? 

Brittany: We always research emerging trends, but we also follow own personal styles and instincts. Before we commit to buying anything for billie, we make sure it's something we both love. We sometimes become attached to our clothes and it's sad to see them go when we sell out! Our ultimate goal is to offer a balanced inventory.  We want every woman, regardless of personality and body type, to find something they love.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Lost + Wander Kala Jacket, because a Coloradoan can never have too many jackets (right??)!

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bille features a thoughtful, accessible collection of womenswear. 



We offer personalized customer service, brought to your doorstep (really.) 



We also sell founder-designed jewelry and other treasures. 

Brittany: We always research emerging trends, but we also follow own personal styles and instincts.
— Brittany & Sarah