Meet the Maker: Blade & Knoll

Blade & Knoll founder and sculptural artist Christina Graziano created Blade & Knoll here in Denver in 2013 and has continued to be a leader in the local artisan scene ever since. With a degree in sculpture, emphasis in metalsmithing and woodworking (in other words - she knows her stuff!), Graziano designs quality handmade jewelry and household goods like cutting boards, shelves and wall hangings with a modern minimalism design and artist aesthetic.

what does your brand truly mean to you?

Blade & Knoll is an exploration of contemporary form and modern minimalism in product design from a sculptural standpoint. The focus became making quality handmade jewelry and other household goods with ever changing three dimensional inspiration and artistic aesthetic. Through this exploration, Blade & Knoll is constantly creating new jewelry, cutting boards, shelves, wall hangings, mobiles, sculptures and other household goods.

first product you created? 

I’ve been making jewelry since I was a kid, but our first Blade & Knoll product was a pair of large hand cut metal statement earrings. My first home good was our Totem Cutting Boards.

how has your brand evolved over the years? 

Blade & Knoll is constantly changing. We are heading towards a more selective and curated, sense of high fashion work.

what materials do you work with? 

Metals, woods, fibers and other random things. Metal is my favorite however. There are just so many types and forms, and so many options of processes to make something 3d out of it. It is just sooooo satisfying to me. It’s also a more flexible and forgiving compared to wood, and, its badass. 

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

My products are my sculptural wall hangings that are made out of horse hair and steel. Also the Sultan Earrings and the Hannya necklace

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

I previously had another company in which I manufactured guitar accessories on a mass scale in China.  I would spend much of the day working behind a computer, completely removed from the product and the production process.  The birth of Range Leather came from a desire to create and craft a product that I would have an ownership in and be proud of.

what is the best part of your day?

Getting my cup of coffee and sitting down to the production table. I love production days!

best part about being a colorado maker? 

The maker community that I met here 4 years ago, they are great. Back in the day the maker market was very good, and a good place to start your business, lots of support from local shops and other makers.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Large Triangle Shelf for our living room wall and the Hey Hey Hands Earrings for our ears! 


Blade & Knoll SS17-28.jpg


Everything we make is an original design!



I have probably sawn through miles of metal with the worlds tiniest saw.

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