Meet the Maker: Counter Couture


Kaelin and her husband Richard built Counter Couture out of a very basic desire to live a simple, fulfilling and creative life with a wee bit of silly thrown in for fun. Check out their awesome, screen-printed gifts and home decor - incuding drink glasses, coasters, mugs, apparel, and tea towels - at the Spring Flea!  

WHAT DOES counter couture MEAN TO YOU?

Counter Couture is our feisty fiefdom of creativity. Building this business gives us a balance of being creative and having meaningful work. Counter Couture means clean, simple designs for your home and body.

where did you get your start?

After the company Kaelin was working for decided to close, giving her just three hours notice, she was faced with what was next. She had a retail management background and Richard knew how to screen print. The rest is history!

where do you find your inspiration? 

The illustrations can come from anything that crosses our paths that we feel compelled to draw. We love mid-century design, so most of our images share that clean simple style. 

what's a day in your shoes like? 

We walk in from the morning carpool and we get our menagerie of dogs settled into the shop for the day while all of our equipment warms up. We all bring our dogs to work! Richard and Thomas check the day's schedule and start preparing the screens for printing while Kaelin, Ginger, and Dana check orders to make sure product is ready to print and/or ship. After that first hour, the day usually turns into a controlled chaos of folding, pressing, tagging, ordering, designing, packing and shipping. The pooches usually let us know when it is time to pack up, cool down equipment and head for home.

what's your greatest accomplishment?

After just seven years of growing this business, we have created several jobs for some cool Denver peeps! 

on the denver flea wish list: 

As avid entertainers, we'd love to have a set of the Pineapple Rocks Glasses to serve cocktails in! 

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All designs are hand drawn by us with pen and paper.



The "us" is husband/wife duo Richard and Kaelin.

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Shop dog Luna is quickly turning into an instagram celebrity #hardtobeluna

We strive to source materials made in the USA. Some times this is not possible, in these cases we look for the highest quality and softest materials available!
— Kaelin tillery