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now Bringing you best hits from the flea 

Like any host knows, a good party needs good music - and the Denver Flea is certainly no exception. After all, what would a Fleakin' Weekend be without stellar tunes to complement all of the great local shopping, food trucks, cocktails, and Great Divide brews? Since we're not willing to find out, we're always sure to bring in none other than DJDENVERFLEA to spin his OG playlists from doors open to close.

To keep the good times rollin' between Fleas, we're excited to share that you can now stream DJDENVERFLEA's playlists from our new Denver Flea Spotify channel. 

Get ready to cue up:

  • The Ultimate Flea Soundtrack: We might be biased, but DJDENVERFLEA might just down in history for this fine piece of playlist. This one's got everything to keep folks cruising through the Flea - and beyond. Let's cue up the neo-soul, electronic, rock, indie-pop, R&B, and more.
  • Hipster Paradise 2K18Our go-to playlist is able to handle anyone and everyone. It's mysterious, but also approachable. It's got some seriously cool tunes for you to discover - and then brag about it to all your friends.
  • Spring Flea 2018 | A.M. TunesWhen it's time to get the Fleakin' weekend going, it's all about this vibe-y mix of funk, soul, and R&B that get people movin' and goovin'.
  • Spring Flea 2018 | Buzzin' Through the AfternoonWhen the afternoon hits the Flea, it's time to get our shoppers' feet moving and toes tapping. Step one - put on this playlist chockful of good ol' fashioned, drinkin' music. Step two - direct folks to the bar for another cocktail.

Happy listening! 

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