Meet the Maker: Evey K


Evelyn Knuckles founded Evey K, one of Denver's premier mobile fashion boutiques, after moving to Denver from California in 2005 and finding herself craving a place to find LA and New York style. Originally a brick and mortar, Evey K Fashionliner is a roving shop for the fashion-forward woman who loves shopping and finding unique things to wear for herself - plus, find gift items for those special friends and family throughout the entire year. 

If you aren't able to catch Evey K at the Spring Flea - or simply just want another chance peruse the fashionable offerings - you're in luck. Evelyn and her team book private "girls night in" shopping gatherings and corporate events, where they bring the truck to you! 

What does your brand truly mean to you?

My Brand Evey K stands for my first name Evelyn and the K stands for my last name. My brand represents a boutique that shares upcoming women's fashions and accessories that compliment women of many ages. I focus on bringing new and emerging designer's to Denver showcasing unique style. I had a brick and mortar for 12 years before I switched it to the Evey K Fashionliner model.

how has your brand evolved and grown over the years? 

My brand has grown over the years in many different ways. Since changing the store into a mobile Fashionliner, I have been able to move around to all areas in Colorado allowing me to bring fashion to many more women. This model seems to be following the trend of people wanting to shop a select curated section of clothes and accessories. Also the ability to come to you offers that personalized service that women love.

What was your inspiration for starting your company?

The inspiration to start my brand was when I moved here from California, I really struggled finding clothes that I loved so I wanted to have a store that offered great service and unique designers.

why do you do what you do?

I do what I do because I love working with women and fellowshipping through fashion. It's a great joy for me to be able to find something that my client will love and seeing them excited about what their buying. It definitely allows me to reach many women and make them feel beautiful. 


The best part of my day is when you get a note or see the client's face when they walk out with that perfect item. Cultivating confidence and friendships is the bonus.

Advice to others seeking a simliar path in life? 

I would say follow your dream. With hard work and a good support system you can accomplish anything. I have been blessed with many talented women around me that have helped in creating the brand and always reaching out for advice with other business owners really develops a community foundation of support for each other. Since mobile boutiques are fairly new, I really just researched as much as I could in regards to changing the store to this model.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The bright red Double Pocket Tank, becuase we're ready to start dressing for spring weather!  


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Evey K was a brick and mortar for 12 years- Cherry Creek and in Lowry.

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