Fleakin' Friday 7.6.18

One of the many spectacular Fourth of July fireworks shows in Denver at Rockies Stadium  (  courtesy of The Denver Patriot)

One of the many spectacular Fourth of July fireworks shows in Denver at Rockies Stadium  (courtesy of The Denver Patriot)


We hope you all had a GREAT Fourth of July and celebrated the ol' red, white and blue properly, whether it was a BBQ with friends or the fam, pool party, or simply just catching the fireworks from wherever you could! Although we loved having a mid-week break, it was back to business as usual for our team yesterday, since the Summer Flea is just over a week away! Haven't gotten your tickets yet? No worries - just head here to scoop 'em up. We also launched a super fun giveaway yesterday with some of our stellar Flea vendors, for which you can win a pretty rad prize (if we do say so ourselves). 

This weekend, most of our team is laying pretty low (as we need to rest up for FLEA WEEK) here in town and up in the mountains - though, there will definitely be some "holiday weekend" cocktails involved. 

Sending you off into the pre-Flea weekend with some of the things our team is digging lately: 

Several of us have learned recently that, depending on the level of fire ban, you can still use a propane fire pit (though still use caution and common sense!) while camping this summer. 

And, on that note - here's how you can help the first responders and victims of Colorado’s devastating wildfires: https://www.thedenverchannel.com/news/local-news/how-to-help-the-firefighters-and-victims-of-colorado-s-wildfires

After finding out she had a gluten and corn allergy last year, Rachael had to eliminate one of one of her very best friends (pasta) and about half of her diet. However, she's found some gluten- and corn-free success with recipes like these chocolate zucchini muffins and this spaghetti squash dish - both of which are perfect ways to get use of your zucchini and squash bounty from the farmer's market or home garden! 

Blake bought a house last fall - and, this summer is the first time he's had to do my own yard work (yuck). Three new gizmos - Rachio 3 Sprinkler Control System, Ryobi ONE electric Trimmer & Edger & the Polar Wheelbarrow - have helped make his weekend life easier. 

How does one become Drake's "image director"? Through Instagram apparently! #jobenvy 

To keep the Drake theme going - if you haven't listened to his new album yet, do it this weekend. Also on the music lineup for our/your weekends - Florence & the Machine's new album, Young the Giant's fresh new single, and Sir Paul McCartney's latest sure-to-be-a-hit (he's baaack!). 

We’re loving the #SuckOnThis campaign by Keep It Wild. It’s their latest effort to help eliminate single-use plastics, especially plastic straws. 

In case you missed it, 5280 released their Top of the Town 2018: Restaurants, along with other TotT categories such as Culture and Nightlife, Services and more. 

It's been HOT out here in Colorado, meaning we all have to get a bit creative when keeping our drinks cool (i.e. a very crucial task). To help save the day -these Yeti insulated wine coolers (in their new Seafoam color) are perfect for camping adventures, boating trips - or even just (slightly boozy) walks around the park.  

Indulged a little too much on the Fourth? The Denver Ear put together great list of Denver's primo juice and smoothie spots to help you reset. 

Alternatively, for those of you in more of a champagne campaign kind of mindset, Ocean Prime on Larimer offers half price glasses of Veuve Clicquot Rosé and $1 oysters from 3:30-6pm every Friday during summer. We're into it. 

Better late than never! Megan is finally reading The Four Agreements. It’s a short, quick read but extremely powerful! 

Frozen pineapple jalapeno margaritas are ALWAYS a good idea.

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