Fleakin' Friday 8.17.18

Sunset and mountain views at Crestview Lounge in Granby, CO.

Sunset and mountain views at Crestview Lounge in Granby, CO.


We're now officially in late summer, which means you're still able to grab perfectly plump heirloom tomatoes and Palisades Peaches from local farmers markets, spend lazy weekend days at the pool, enjoy patio season with several rounds of the "drinks of summer", and head up to the mountains for the amazingly green and blue sights. And, while we're fully committed to soaking up every last bit of the season, we're still thinking about all of the fun that fall will bring, including the Fall Flea on September 29-30. Keep an eye out for more details next week!

Cruising into the weekend with some links and things our team's been talkin' about: 

Rachael and Devon have been enjoying a (new-to-them) wine called Fermint.   Off the Beaten Vine describes it as "has a wonderful nose with big apple and floral notes.  The wine explodes in your mouth. Be careful, this wine goes down easy.  A bottle or two may not be enough for patio session with friends on a sunny summer day!" Heed those words wisely and pick up a bottle at Mondo Vino in Highlands Square this weekend.

Fresh for Fall, Blake just picked up a pair of Nike Air Safaris

Speaking of outdoor drinking, Rachael had the most wonderful experience at The Botanical Gardens Summer Concert Series on Wednesday. Though she hates to rub it in your face as it was the last of the season - do yourself a favor and bookmark this for next year.  So beautiful, and so much fun! AND, there's still a few more outdoor concerts to catch this summer.

On order - a re-up of Aesop's Marrakech Intense Parfum. Unfortunately, Blake broke his last bottle - fortunately, now all the toiletries in his dopp kit smell amazing! 

The big screen version of Crazy Rich Asians is FINALLY out this weekend - and it's stirred up buzz among more than just critics, as it's the first major Hollywood film with a majority Asian cast and crew since 1993. 

Circling back to heirloom tomatoes - make sure that some BLTs are in your future before the end of September.

Earlier this week Blake was rear ended by a city bus (luckily, he's okay!). Since his car is likely totaled, he's been keeping his eye on a Bugatti Veyron as its replacement. 

SAFTA OPENS and Megan cannot WAIT to dine there on Sunday evening! Time to cry into another plate of short rib hummus and a glass of sherry. 

Now entering a new age of hotels, suited for all you Millennial travelers out there.

Devon's thinking of infusing some more color into her dinner parties with these pretty platters.

The latest app to connect Denver diners to dinners has launched, and Megan can’t wait to join. You should too! Check it out.

Also, if you’re looking for a good cocktail bar, we recommend GreenlightLAB in the alleyway behind Denver Central Market. Be sure to ask for bartender’s choice and having them provide the full-blown experience the cocktail lab has so beautifully created. 

RIP Aretha Franklin.

Megan loves her new Anti Aging Jade Roller. #selfcare at its best, plus it pairs well with Sleep Over Stick’s CBD gummies.

What you need from your friends, based on your Myers-Briggs type.

In need of a daily dose of satire? This site is going to be your new browser bookmark.

And yet another boozy Flea favorite (no shame) - Rachael's been sipping on delicious cans of Ramona wine spritzer this summer. The brainchild of Jordan Salcito, sommelier and badass entrepreneur, its a "Sicilian ruby grapefruit wine spritz that doesn't need a glass, a bottle opener or an occasion to drink it". Pick up a pack and never look back. 

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