Meet the Shaker: Flower Bombers

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We're excited to introduce you to one of our amazing Holiday Flea sponsors, Flower Bombers, a Denver-based flower company that is truly changing the game in the online floral delivery world. Quickly becoming known around town (and, on Instagram!) for their beautiful "F-bombs," Flower Bombers offers a simple process, pretty flowers, and free same-day hand delivery in the Denver Metro area - which helps makes the thought of sending a "I Love You"/"Congrats!"/"Thank You!" bouquet to friends, family, and coworkers a no-brainer. 

What does flower bombers truly mean to you? 

We’re building a trust brand. We’ve reimagined the tired industry of online flower delivery to create the customer experience we want to have when sending or receiving flowers.  

Simple process. Beautiful flowers every time. Community.

what was your inspiration for starting flower bombers? 

A conversation about sending flowers and what a hassle it was took off and turned into a complete reimagination of an industry. A few hours later, domain was saved. 

how has your brand evolved? 

We’re only 22 months old, so still getting our feet under us. The good news is our primary 3 pillars are still constant since launch: 1. Simple point of sale. 2. A refreshing delivery experience where we try to personally hand the recipient their blooms and text a pic to the sender. 3. Community – engaging with our virtual and local community in the flesh. Like at the Denver Flea. 

why do you do what you do?

We want to be a customer of Flower Bombers. It’s an industry that should and can be amazing from end to end. 

what materials do you work with?

Locally grown Colorado flowers when we can, mostly June – Sept. On a regular basis, we source blooms that aren’t found at the grocery store or from larger commercial florists. 

how has your process evolved? 

We learned a ton in year one and now year two. From product design, pricing, inventory management, delivery process and customer preferences. The main point is to keep asking and engaging the customer in the evolution of the brand. 

what's the best part of your day? 

Um, all of it. Come on, we get to flower bomb people all day long. There’s nothing bad about that other than Denver traffic. 

best part about being a local colorado company? 

Our customers! We love that they get what we’re about and how we’re different than other online flower companies. 

advice to others seeking a similar path in life?

For me, being an entrepreneur is not about creating a job but building a brand. It’s about the employee and customer experiences. Start with surrounding yourself with great people who want to make a difference and let them do great work. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

If you were going to F-bomb us, we'd gladly take any of their beautiful bouquets. However, if we just had to choose, the Jammies arrangement would look right at home on our coffee table!

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