Meet the Shaker: Friday Health Plans

We've got a great crew of makers and shakers in our Flea fam, and we're stoked to introduce you to a true "shaker" - Friday Health Plans. New to the scene, Colorado-based Friday Health is shaking up the insurance industry by offering friendly individual health plans to let you live every day like it's Friday. Their mission is straightforward and one that active Denverites can get behind - provide simple, easy-to-use health insurance that covers the healthcare you use the most at a price that just makes sense.

What does your brand truly mean to you?

Friday Health Plans isn’t your average health insurance company. We’re not about unnecessary extras and confusing terminology. We cover the basic health stuff you’ll likely use most at a price that just might make your wallet happy. Our simple health plans and friendly service keep your butt covered so you’re free to live every day like it’s Friday.

Our goal is to be the Friday of health insurance—consistent, dependable, and a breath of fresh air. We want to give our members the peace of mind that they’re covered, so our members can have that Friday feeling every day.

For an insurance company, we’re pretty darn small, so we focus a lot on helping our members. Whether it’s helping them pick the right plan, finding the right doctor, or navigating the health system during an illness or injury. But we also know that many members don’t use health insurance much, so we want to treat them right too by giving them some perks of being a Friday member. We’re kicking that off at the Holiday Flea, by giving away a year’s supply of Colorado beer, providing some puppy cuddles, and more unexpected smile-worthy activities at our booth—to give everyone that Friday Feeling. 

what was your inspiration for starting your brand?

Let’s be real. No one actually likes buying health insurance. For lots of people, it’s right up there with onerous tasks such as going to the dentist, doing your taxes, or sitting next to your weird uncle at the Thanksgiving table.

Before starting Friday Health Plans two years ago in Denver, company founders Sal and Dave sold technology to most large health insurance companies around the country. Once the Affordable Care Act enabled individuals to buy health insurance on their own, they thought they could build a better health plan designed just for those individuals. One that was simple and easy to use, with local, helpful customer service unlike the lowly industry standard. With health plan benefits that focused on what regular folks use the most—like free doctor visits and free generic drugs. And, of course, be there if you get really sick or have a major injury. We think people will appreciate health insurance that’s built for independent people living in Colorado. 

how has your brand evolved and grown over the years?

Health insurance is a very regulated industry but it’s changing all the time. Our headquarters is in Denver but we acquired a health plan in Alamosa, Colorado last summer. We have the ideology of a startup with the foundation of an experienced operation. We see lots of new people coming into the market who want to buy health insurance, people working independently and not tied to a 9-5 company job. Our goal is to develop health plans that serve those folks so they can continue to do what they love. 

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

All our products are designed so they can be sold on the Colorado Health Exchange. We did this so our members could use federal financial assistance (subsidies) to help with monthly costs if they qualify—a single person living alone who earns under $47,000 a year qualifies for financial help. A family of four earning under $97,000 qualifies. For many people, it can cut the monthly cost of health insurance way back, making it more affordable.

Our favorite product is the Friday Catastrophic Plan, which is only available to folks under 30 years old.  It still has great benefits, but with an extra-low price. Friday’s Catastrophic plan is one of the lowest priced catastrophic plans in the Denver market. 

if you could work with another colorado maker or brand, who would it be and why?

We want to help Friday Health Plan members live their best life, so we’d love to work with any Colorado brand that has that same philosophy. So many folks in Colorado already live a healthy lifestyle and don’t necessarily use their health insurance all the time. We want to treat our members to Colorado’s “good stuff” to enjoy any time, so we’re always looking for local partners for our Friday Feeling giveaways. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

For those of us who are under 30 and healthy, the Catastrophic Plan is the health insurance solution we've been looking for (…3 free doctor visits? Sign us up!)




The company’s original name was Sal and Dave’s Health Ventures, when the founders couldn’t think of anything else to call it.

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All our operations are in Colorado—our customer service is in Alamosa, our sales center is in Colorado Springs, and we have other staff in Denver and Alamosa.



Friday’s Denver Headquarters has a rooftop deck in Wash Park where they host aptly-named Friday Afternoon Club happy hours for staff.

We want to give our members the peace of mind that they’re covered, so our members can have that Friday feeling every day.

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