We <3 CO: Ice Cream Season

Little Man's infamous Salted Oreo flavor (via Instagram) ; a stack of scoops at Sweet Action (via Instagram)

No matter what the season, come sunshine or snow, Denverites always seem to have a hankering for ice cream. And while we'll go for a scoop of Little Man's Salted Oreo even when it's a near blizzard outside, the recent temps in the 80s and 90s has us craving cold treats on the reg.

Since today marks the Summer Solstic aka the longest day of the year aka the "official" start of summer, we rounded together the short list of the Flea team's favorite ice cream spots around town, because there's no better way to spend a warm summer night than with a scoop and some of your favorite people.

Little man Ice cream | lohi

We'd be remiss not to include Little Man in this list, not only because it's one of the city's most notable ice cream establishments (and thus, always has a long line) - but all of us here at Flea HQ are big fans. Many folks head to the now-iconic ice cream can in LoHi for the aformentioned Salted Oreo flavor, but we're also partial to Espresso Fudge, Vegan Horchata and Chunky Chocolate Peanut Butter.  If you're in Congress Park, check out for their sister shop, Sweet Cooie's - the darn cutest place to get a sundae, cone (they have options with cotton candy!) or other dessert. 

sweet action ICE CREAM | south broadway

Sweet Action not only makes stellar ice cream, but they also focus on using Colorado ingredients and running a sustainable business - giving us three times as many reasons to head to South Broadway for a scoop (as if we needed more than one). The flavors of their handmade, small batch ice cream switch up daily, which includes adventorous options like Lemongrass Kombuca Sorbet, White Russian and Banana Bread. For those days when you'd prefer to stay inside and take down a pint while Netflixing on the couch, Sweet Action also delivers select flavors to your door

bonnie brae ice cream | Bonnie Brae

For kids and kids at heart, the 30-year-old Bonnie Brae is sure to provide sweet treats and nostalgic ice cream parlor vibes to visitors of all ages. WIth over 80 flavors from which to choose - including Tiramisu, Cherry Vanilla, and classics like Chocolate and Rocky Road - you can opt for the double dip cone (our go-to in summer, always) or a sundae. And there's no simply way to enjoy a Bonnie Brae coop than out on one of the patio tables. Got a birthday coming up? Bonnie Brae's ice cream cakes are what birthday dreams are made of.

whit's frozen custard | tennyson Street

Though ice cream purists might argue that frozen custard doesn't belong on a list such as this - we're going to do it anyways. Opened last year on Tennyson Street, Whit's Frozen Custard is a beloved transplant from Ohio serving up their signature frozen custard, which tends to be thicker, smoother and creamier than ice cream due its higher butterfat content, slower process and higher temp serving temperature. You can keep it simple with their vanilla or chocolate flavors or try out one of their flavors of the week, such as Waffle Caramel Brownie and Lemon Drop - and then go crazy with the bevy of offered toppings. Pro tip: if you want to go big before you go home, try the Buckeye Whitser. 

Our favorite way to enjoy at Bonnie Brae (via Instagram); Whit's Frozen Custard with ALL of the toppings (via Instagram)

Bonus | where to get your ice cream fix at Summer Flea!

Since we know it wouldn't be summer without ice cream, we've got some great options for you to stay cool and get your sugar fix at Summer Flea! Check out Happy Cones for New Zealand-style icream and Sprinkle Me Smitten for stellar ice cream and cookie sandwiches.

Sprinkle Me Smitten's sandwiches (via Instagram); a Happy Cones signature (via Instagram)