Meet the Maker: James & Jezebelle

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Like many of our Flea vendors, the inspiration for James & Jezebelle founder Kathleen Doyle-Murphy's unique jewelry comes from Colorado's rugged yet beautiful natural landscape. Each James & Jezebelle piece features natural gems and stones handpicked by Doyle-Murphy herself and are crafted using techniques such as wire working, beading, oxidizing and hand hammered metals. 


My brand is a dream come true. I always knew I wanted/needed to be making art, and to be making a living at it as well is beyond amazing. I dabbled in many mediums, including photography, before finding my true calling in making jewelry. I am in a constant state of learning, whether it be coming across a gem stone I haven’t worked with or new technique in the art of metal smithing. Truly the best job in the world.

what was your inspiration for starting James & Jezebelle? 

I was inspired to start my business when a local boutique asked to buy some of my very first earrings. I was sitting at a restaurant with a friend, showing her my holiday gifts for my family. The boutique owner inquired about my jewelry and then made an order right there. It blew my mind that someone would pay me for something I truly enjoyed doing!!! I was hooked.

how has your process evolved?

My process is always evolving. I have gone from beading to wire working, now on to full metal smithing. I love to mix all of them when making a piece. I think it adds a little personal touch.

best part about being a colorado maker?

I love being a Colorado maker. I am surrounded by not only the beautiful scenery but also by the insanely creative people that live here. 

what materials do you work with?

I work with many different materials…silver, gold, gold fill, red brass…silk cord, leather, wire…and so many gem stones!!

why do you do what you do? 

I do what I do because it makes me happy. I feel fulfilled that I have been able to grow a business and still keep learning, and having fun.

advice to others seeking a similar path in life?

My advice to entrepreneurs is just do it !!! Best decision I ever made. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

The beautiful Aqua Marine Male Necklace, please! 

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My company was initially named for my dog, Jezebelle. When I married I added my husband’s family name, James. I put the two together and it was a perfect yin and yang.

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