Meet the Maker: Lucky Tree Studio


We’re excited to introduce our Flea fans to Lucky Tree Studio and the company’s owners, designers and makers Leanna and Jordan, who are passionate about not only creating eco-friendly bamboo jewelry and decor that looks good, but also that does good for the environment. Based in Montrose, Colorado, the couple designs, laser cuts and crafts all of their products by hand to offer unique, contemporary necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and ornaments that are sure to make the people on your gifting list - or yourself - very happy this holiday season!

what does your brand mean to you?

Lucky Tree Studio represents our passion to live creatively and sustainably. We believe in crafting quality, eco friendly jewelry and decor that looks good, feels good and does good for the environment.

Our goal is is to inspire a meaningful and natural lifestyle, to follow your dreams, enjoy the little things and connect with nature.  

what was your inspiration for starting you brand?

Helping people feel more alive and more like themselves. No matter your circumstances there are usually 1-2 things you can control, even if that’s how you simply respond to something. Making shit happen can look like feeling a certain way, accomplishing something, etc.

What was the first product you created? 

Our diamond chevron earrings. I wanted to create a pair of lightweight statement earrings that would go with everything.

How HAS your BRAND evolved?

We started out mainly focusing on jewelry design but have expanded our brand to include bamboo magnets, dream catchers, hair pins, ornaments, hand printed bamboo apparel and more to come! The more we grow, the more we plan to give back to the environment by planting more trees in Colorado and around the world.

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

My favorite would have to be our modern mountain earrings inspired by our beautiful view of the San Juan Mountains. It represents our love of Colorado in a wearable, contemporary design.  

what's the best part of your day?

Seeing someone’s eyes light up when they see a piece that really speaks to them.

What materials do you work with?

We use bamboo from a company in Oregon as the main material for all our products. It is a sustainable resource because it is fast-growing, re-grows after being cut down (unlike trees), uses little water, and does not require any pesticides. The bamboo we use is not the same species of bamboo that pandas eat. It is also lightweight and has a beautiful natural amber color.


My husband and I have always been creative spirits. When we discovered the laser cutter we saw an opportunity to apply our backgrounds in graphic design and fine art in a new way to create beautiful and practical handmade pieces to express our love of nature, fashion and design. The business has allowed us the flexibility to travel, explore a creative and sustainable lifestyle and spend more time with our daughter.


Being surrounded by beautiful inspiration everyday.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Snow Pine ornament to adorn our Christmas tree - and the Tribal Chevron Necklace to adorn ourselves!




The name Lucky Tree was inspired by our favorite house plant, “lucky bamboo,” and our goal to support a more sustainable world where less trees are cut down.



To help with reforestation efforts we do “tree drives” where we donate a portion of our profits to plant trees in Colorado.



Our natural bamboo jewelry is great for diffusing essential oils!

We wanted to create eco-friendly bamboo jewelry that was inspired by nature, function and design, and was lightweight and easy to wear with your everyday style.
— Leanna and Jordan