Meet the Makers: Lyft x Denver Flea Edition

We're lucky to have Lyft as our longtime Denver Flea transportation sponsor - and as it turns out, quite a few local Denver Lyft drivers happen to also be aspiring makers and artisans. At the Holiday Flea, we're excited to introduce you to four talented drivers meet vendors and have included some details about their companies below. 

And, BONUS! To encourage carpooling to the Sports Castle for the Holiday Flea-stivities, Lyft is offering all y'all Fleaks a special offer of 20% one Line ride to or from the market throughout the entire weekend with code FLEALINE.

Now, without further ado, please meet these awesome Lyfters! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 5.14.23 PM.png

notable paper goods + Services | @ HOLIDAY FLEA ON Friday, December 1 & Saturday, december 2

WHAT: Notable Paper Goods + Services works very hard to create and produce affordable and clever stationery in the high-quality people love.

WHO: Eric

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY MEAN TO YOU?: My company to me means serving my community. It’s not about making tons of money. It’s about beating competition for my customers so that they can rely on receiving their favorite stationery in clever designs and styles at the affordable rate they desire. Customer satisfaction is what brings my buyers back. Accommodating people and their requests is incredibly valuable to my companies vision.

HOW DOES DRIVING LYFT HELP SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS?: Driving for Lyft helps me to share my passion, company and plans for it with my passengers. Lyft definitely allows me to afford producing my stationery but that’s not what it’s about. Sharing with others why I do what I do and why I love what I do means then most to me. 


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Anerta Studio  | @ HOLIDAY FLEA ON Friday, December 1 & Saturday, december 2

WHAT: An artist collective studio. 

WHO: Marcus

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY MEAN TO YOU? Our art studio brings together a diverse group of artists unite for peace and unity.

HOW DOES DRIVING LYFT HELP SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS?: I started driving Lyft in order to fund my art studio. 


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PANTHEON LONGBOARDS | @ holiday flea on Sunday, december 1

WHAT: A family-ran premium longboard brand focused toward maximized commuter and downhill designs with a mission to inspire. 

WHO: Jeffrey 

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY MEAN TO YOU? Skateboards and companies in general are a canvas. I wanted to be an artist. I'm not physically drawing art myself but we art treating the entire art, from shape and design to the open canvas on the bottom of the board, to our media and mantra, as a form of art. 

HOW DOES DRIVING LYFT HELP SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS?: I'm able to work on my time, respond to daily needs as they come, and produce a meaningful additional income for my family, which puts less stress on my brand than other jobs have in the past. 




Mile High Soap & Provisions | @ HOLIDAY FLEA ON Sunday, december 3

WHAT: Craft beer soap and other body products. 

WHO: Becky

WHAT DOES YOUR COMPANY MEAN TO YOU? It’s an honor to live in the mile high city where we can be inspired by such creativity and craft beers!

HOW DOES DRIVING LYFT HELP SUPPORT YOUR BUSINESS?: It helps me buy supplies for our craft beers and soap making. We try to make all of the beer ourselves.