Meet the Maker: My Sweet Honeybee


My Sweet Honeybee handcrafts luxurious, all-natural soaps made with the finest ingredients found in nature, including organic, high-quality honey and beeswax that is sourced from local hives in Aurora, CO. Every bar of My Sweet Honeybee soap is handpoured with love, care, and the finest attention to detail - which you can notice for yourself at the Holiday Flea! 

What does your brand truly mean to you?

In the face of the rapid decline of the honey bee population, we are just trying to do our little part to help. While the scientific community is certain of the catastrophic effects our world would face if the honey bee were to disappear, the greater public, it seems, is still unaware. With every batch of soap made, every jar of honey poured, and with every sale and interaction we have, we hope to get the word out to help the bees.

first product you created? 

Over 7 years ago my mom made her first batch of lavender soap. It was so good, none of us has ever bought a bar of soap since.

how has your process evolved? 

My mom began with a very rough soap recipe from her grandma, who used to make soap for the family in rural Virginia. After much experimenting and an unexpectedly gruesome amount of math and chemistry, we think our recipe is great, and our process is so much more streamlined. Several years ago we also decided to buy some land and start keeping bees, which has now  turned into 25 hives. Originally we used the little bit of honey and beeswax for ourselves and to put in our products, but we kept adding and adding and eventually we were able to produce enough to sell our honey outright.

What was your inspiration for starting your company?

To save the bees! And because we all got tired of buying mass-produced, horrible smelling body care products.

why do you do what you do?

My mom started this out of sheer passion and the desire to create, but she still has another full-time job. For me, it’s the local, small-business aspect. After college I spent some time in corporate America and honestly hated it. I’d rather make less money doing something I enjoy than work for ‘The Man’. I also love it for the bees’ sake. It’s so important we help them, as they sustain over half of all the food products we consume.


Checking on the bees is so fun, and it never feels like a chore. So that and after I’ve finished making a batch (or 4!) of soap, knowing I’ve made something with my hands is a feeling unmatched by any other. 

what's your favorite product or collection you've created?