Meet the Maker: Parcel Paper Studio

In search of the perfect birthday/baby/wedding/I love you card, that's witty enough for your wise-crackin', good humored best friend/sister/boyfriend/parents? Parcel Paper Studio, a super stationary and gift store in Castle Rock, CO and a Holiday Flea vendor, is where you're bound to find it. Parcel owner Brianne MacEachran will have you coming back time and time again (who has an A+ Instagram story game, btw) thanks to her ever-expanding selection of greeting cards, custom invites, unique gifts, and party decorations for all occasions and events. 

WHat does your brand truly mean to you?

I’ve dreamed of owning a retail studio for 20 years and to see it come to life has meant everything. I tell everyone who will listen that paper people are the best people and that is the honest truth – I love getting to hang with this crowd. 

how has your process evolved?

About a year after opening I decided I needed to stop looking to other shops as inspiration and start paying more attention to my intuition. Just because someone else carries a certain line or category doesn’t mean it’s right for my shop. The last year has been a process of identifying what products I’m most passionate about and bringing them in by the truck load.

how has your brand evolved?

In the same way that I can’t just copy someone else’s formula, I also can’t try to be everyone’s cup of tea. I’m not afraid to bring in products that share a point of view or to use my social media platform to draw attention to social causes that are important to me. I started doing that, almost subconsciously, during the 2016 election and people responded very positively to it. I also realized the value in humanizing the brand by including bits of myself in our social media – no one wants to follow some sterile, run of the mill business. They want a unique experience and to see there’s a real person behind the crafted images. 

what materials do you work with?

PARCEL is primarily a letterpress-crafted stationery studio, but we also carry books, small batch candles, totes, and unique goods you won’t find in the big box stores.

why were you inspired to start your brand?

I was creeping toward my 35th birthday and realized it was time to quit thinking about it and make it happen.

advice to others seeking a similar path in life?

Commit. Make your goal your priority and get to work.   

best part of your day?

After my kids are in bed, watching garbage television, eating ice cream straight out of the carton.

on the denver flea team's wish list: 

This card, this card, and this card, plus this cute desktop piñata, too. 

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99% of our products come from women-owned small businesses.

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The more profane a card is, the more likely it is to be a best seller. 




I started doing Instagram Stories as a joke and now I’m pretty sure they’re the primary reason people follow the shop.

I love the people behind the brands I carry, I love watching my customers find the perfect card or gift, and I love watching the shop evolve and grow.
— Brianne MacEachran