Meet the Maker: Range Leather


One of our favorite out-of-state vendors is Range Leather, a leather goods company based in Laramie, Wyoming. Range has become known at the Flea and throughout the region for their handcrafted leather items that "wear in, not out" for men and women, including wallets, journals, and totes. They're also about to head (somewhat) into the tech space - albeit in a very on-brand way - with their new handcrafted Apple Watch Band, which they are introducing via Indiegogo. Learn more about Range and their new venture below! 

Tell us about your new Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign!

We've decided to launch our new handcrafted Apple Watch Band on the platform Indiegogo to get some momentum and build a community of those looking for a strap that will wear in not out.  As smart wearables like the Apple watch, have gained popularity- we wanted to bring a product to market that would wear in not out.  Our desire was to create a better band at a better price.  Something affordable without the sacrifice in quality.   Just like all of our products, our Apple Watch Band will be handcrafted from the highest quality leather and is sure to get better with age.

what does your brand mean to you?

Range Leather is the embodiment of my passion for crafting with my hands while working heartily unto God in whatever I do.  I believe, America was built by the sojourning tradesman who came for around the world to live and work in a country where “In God we trust” and the apostle Paul, in the bible, encourages those to “make it your goal to live a quite life, minding your own business and working with your hands”.  At Range Leather that’s what we aim to do- all while creating timeless products that wear in, not out.

first product you created? 

After taking a few free leather lessons from this old cowboy in Spokane, WY named Stan, I crafted a minimalist wallet for myself.  Which then became our first Kickstarter project and today, is still our best selling wallet.

how has your brand evolved over the years? 

 I would say the Range brand has evolved to offer more products in our women’s line.  We’ve recently just launched a large leather tote bag and leather earrings and we have plans to launch a smaller purse, women’s wallet, and more in the coming months. 

why do you do what you do? 

I think that there is great satisfaction in taking something from the raw material (a hide of leather) to a completed product that someone can purchase.  We do everything by hand from processing the cow’s hide to using a traditional saddle stitching technique for our sewing method. 

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

I think my favorite product that I’ve designed is our Travellr Shave Kit and razor case.  The Travellr is our original flat shaving kit that has a water resistant finish.  It is designed for short trips in which you would be packing in a carry on.  I couldn’t find anything that was large enough to hold all my toiletries but flat and small enough to pack as the last thing in your suit case.  The Travellr is also partnered with our cartridge razor case that fits any cartridge razor such as Gillette, Venus, Schick, ext.  I created the razor case after cutting myself when reaching into my bag while traveling.

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

I previously had another company in which I manufactured guitar accessories on a mass scale in China.  I would spend much of the day working behind a computer, completely removed from the product and the production process.  The birth of Range Leather came from a desire to create and craft a product that I would have an ownership in and be proud of.

do you find yourself consistently working with certain fabrics, designs, etc.?

We exclusively use Horween leather, a tannery that’s been producing the highest American made leather hides since 1905.  Its family run and embodies a timeless “Made In America” company – in which we strive to one day have a legacy such as theirs.  The price is extremely high for their hides but the difference in quality is so evident that it justifies the higher price.

advice to others seeking a similar path in life? 

I would say that there will be many ups and down in starting a business and probably more closed doors than open ones, so in my opinion the only option is to trust God.  For he is the one who controls all – including sales and we should rejoice in the blessings as well as adversity. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

The new Apple Watch Band, obviously! 

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Our goal in crafting an Apple Watch band was to create a classic band with a timeless design to accompany the tech on your wrist.



Range Apple Watch Bands are made from a single piece of vegetable tanned leather.