Meet the Maker: Rocky Mountain Posters

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Climbing a 14er is a Colorado rite of passage for some and a regular hobby for others - and no matter what category you might fall in, Rocky . Mountain Posters has a sticker or poster for you. Founder Blair Hamill, a Colorado native who climbed his first peak at age 16, creates prints and stickers featuring the state's awesome 14,000 ft+ peaks and other notable landmarks like Red Rocks.

what does your brand mean to you?

Rocky Mountain Posters is about so much more than prints on a wall. Our Rocky Mountain West features incredible natural beauty which draws residents and visitors alike to explore our region and experience that beauty first hand. The common thread that connects us in that experience is the story we return with – like the first time you scrambled to the top of Bierstadt, the perfect powder day at Breck, the crazy family vacation to Yellowstone or the hail that turned you back on Bross.Rocky Mountain Posters wants to be a centerpiece to those stories and compels adventurer travelers from all over to share their own tales for years to come. 

first product you created? 

A bumper sticker for two friends who climbed all of Colorado’s 14ers -- Fourteener Finishers.

how has your brand evolved over the years? 

Our brand evolves from our customer’s personal stories. Their stories and memories lead us to explore new heights and views. Rocky Mountain Poster's art attracted the interest of the City of Denver and Red Rocks. We now sell posters of Red Rocks at the Colorado Music Hall of Fame at Red Rocks Amphitheater, a series featuring locations in Rocky Mountain National Park, Yellowstone National Park and Glacier National Parks. Ski area posters featuring popular destinations have led our expanding line of posters. We continually roll out new lines of posters at

why do you do what you do? 

Growing up in Colorado and exploring the Rocky Mountain West, backpacking, climbing my first 14er, Mt. of the Holy Cross, at 16 and working on trail crews in Colorado for several seasons instilled a deep love and respect for the Rocky Mountain region. Through creating art, and offering it to others, we can all share in the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and the great outdoors.

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

Mixing love for hiking in Colorado and Rocky Mountain West with my professional life working as a graphic designer, the poster idea struck!

what's the best part of your day?

Every day is great, either hiking to new vistas, talking with others about incredible destinations in the Rocky Mountain West, or designing artwork featuring amazing locations in the Rockies.

best part about being a colorado maker?

The customers that support locally-made products are fantastic to interact with and the maker community in Colorado is awesome. This group of creative makers have amazing locally-made products and are willing to share ideas and information.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Crestone Peak 20x30 poster, because it was the hardest 14er we've climbed to date and are pretty proud of it. 


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People share fun/scary/inspirational stories of their climbs when purchasing posters for their walls.

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More than 300,000 climbers attempt Colorado’s 14ers every year and our posters commemorate their experiences.

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14ers are Colorado’s semi-official “summits of love”. Hundreds of poster purchasers have regaled us with stories of engagements on their summits.

Be passionate about what you do, start small, test your product(s) prior to investing heavily and have fun!
— Blair Hamill
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