Meet the Shaker: Shinesty


If we had superlatives at the Denver Flea, Shinesty, one of our stellar Holiday Flea sponsors, would hands down win "Life of the Party. Based in Boulder, CO, Shinesty is a one-of-a-kind clothing and accessories company that always brings the fun with their retro-inspired 80s ski suits, Christmas suits for the whole fam, and "U-S-A" chant inspiring American pride get-ups. The Shinesty crew will be in full holly holly force at Holiday Flea with their whole line of holiday gear and ol' school bingo games on Saturday and Sunday, giving you the chance to live their mantra IRL - "Stay Weird, and Shine On." 

What does your brand truly mean to you?

Our mission here at Shinesty is to force the world to stop taking itself so seriously. Life doesn’t have to be boring. We’re a brand that brings more fun and joy to all different types of customers – whether they’re heading to prom, the ski slopes, bachelor parties or board meetings, they’re having more fun. The Shinesty brand is a special place because we’re making such a positive impact in this crazy world. 

first product you created? 

First product we created was a collection of windbreakers using custom made iridescent fabric reminiscent of the 80s. We were a bit on the inexperienced side of overseas production, so our first product took over a year and a half. Only about a year longer than it should’ve. Ya live and ya learn. 

how has your process evolved?

Shinesty started off selling a curated collection of awesome vintage clothing ranging from 80s ski gear to retro Aztec fleeces. As the brand grew and demand outgrew our process of sourcing and curating our sick vintage finds, we began selling other brands that fit the Shinesty aesthetic. Eventually, we knew it was time to produce our own private label products overseas. We were able to gain major inspiration from the vintage pieces we previously sold to provide unique designs that customers couldn’t find anywhere else. 

how has your brand evolved and grown over the years? 

Initially, Shinesty collections only consisted of Christmas and 80s themes. Over the last few years, we’ve been able to grow our product offerings to include smaller holidays, boxer briefs, sunglasses, licensed products such as NFL, NHL and NCAA and a larger women’s collection.  

what's your favorite product or collection yo've created? 

Our ball hammock boxers have been a really fun product to design for. Not only are they a really high quality, useful product but they are an incredibly funny source of entertainment that isn’t for a specific holiday but for everyday use. 

What was your inspiration for starting your company?

The brand was inspired by the costumes of our college days. In school, we all had huge collections of ridiculous retro clothing that we’d wear to class, theme parties, and sporting events. When we graduated, we all gave our collections away but quickly realized that we had made a terrible mistake. Now that we were out of school and had jobs, we could finally afford to attend all the music festivals, parties, and sporting events we wanted to, but we no longer had time to search through thrift shops and estate sales for the best outfits. So essentially, we started Shinesty to recreate our college wardrobes for our adult lives.

what's the best part of your day?