Meet the Maker: Soft Studios


From the briliantly creative mind of Kansas City-based Nicole Leth, Soft Studios is a brand spankin' new ceramics company that will be making it's debut at the Spring Flea! Nicole previously owned Sex & Ice Cream, a successful clothing and accesories company with several brick-and-mortar boutiques - however, in late 2017, Nicole realized that she needed to shift the direction of where things were going and thus, the idea for Soft Studios was born. We're excited to check out Soft Studis' colorful ceramic work at the Spring Flea and hope you are, too! 


Soft Studios is about self care, playfulness, and nostalgia. It’s an outlet for me to create with intention.

how has your brand evolved? 

Soft Studios is a new project for me. I spent the last seven years working in fashion + textile design and owned a chain of my own boutiques where I produced my own work and curated / collaborated with 3rd party brands. I woke up one morning and realized that things had gotten too big and that I was too stressed to enjoy life, create, and wasn’t taking care of myself anymore. I closed my businesses and started taking ceramics classes for fun and fell in love with the process. I signed a lease for a small shop / studio space, bought a school bus to make into a mobile pop up shop, and started making a body of ceramics work while listening to the Beach Boys and drinking wine. This is what self care looks like for me and I’ve never been happier or felt more free. 

first product you created? 

Ceramic cups!

how has your process evolved?

It has evolved so much! Every day I am learning better ways to translate my colors / doodles into more versatile forms. I have learned better ways to mix my clays, added more colors in, and started experimenting with lusters! 

What's your favorite product or collection that you've created? 

I am most in love with my line of abstract doodle planters! I think they are so cute for plant babies. 


To take care of my self and to make objects that make me + other people feel happy when they look at them. 

Do you find yourself consistently working with certain fabrics, designs, brands, etc.? 

It’s funny —  because I’ve been an artist for 7 years and gotten my BFA I have developed a bit of a color vocabulary and general aesthetic. This used to come across when I would design clothing, paint murals, and print surface design on textiles — but once I started with ceramics the same imagery, colors, and vocabulary just translated here too. It’s been awesome to see how some of the reoccurring shapes I’ve made entire clothing collections from or painted in my stores just pop up in the work i’m doing now. it’s awesome. 

What's the best part of your day?

My morning yoga class, breakfast with my fiancé, or working in studio all tie for first place. 


If you wake up one day and realize that what you’ve been devoting your life to doesn’t serve you anymore, stop doing it — figure out what makes you feel good + free, and then do that. Take classes to learn how, figure out how to make it a part of your career, just do it for fun. but please please please for me, do the things that make you feel happy, cared for, and proud at the end of the day. 

on the denver flea wish list: 

We love ALL of the colors that Nicole is using in her ceramics - so, can we just say we want ALL the things? 



Before Urban Baby Co., my company name was Magdalina’s Boutique.



My “Worth the Wait” onesie has been re-pinned on Pinterest 39,000 times (& counting!). 



My favorite nonprofit to work with is Brittany’s Baskets of Hope.

If you wake up one day and realize that what you’ve been devoting your life to doesn’t serve you anymore, stop doing it — figure out what makes you feel good + free, and then do that.
— Nicole Leth