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Meet the Shaker: Great Divide

This year, Summer Flea attendees will get a firsthand look at Great Divide's newest Denver Pale Ale Artist Series No. 3 can. Every summer, the brewery releases a new Denver Pale Ale can with artwork designed by a different, local artist. This year’s can features the work of Rachel Jablonski. She used her unique perspective on what the city of Denver means to her to create the bright and colorful artwork adorning the new can.

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Maker Spotlight: Dolan Geiman

If you’ve been to a Denver Flea, you’ve likely seen Colorado mixed media artist Dolan Geiman and his vibrant art pieces, which range from paper collage portraits to faux-taxidermy wall sculptures. Drawing inspiration from country-western icons, folk traditions, and flora and fauna of the Southwestern region, Dolan works with reused found materials such as vintage papers, salvaged wood and scrap metal, resulting in extremely captivating, unique artwork.


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Meet the Maker: Vert Beauty

We're excited to welcome Vert Beauty, an all-natural green beauty boutique located in Highlands Square, to the Holiday Flea maker mix this year. With years of experience working with high-end and luxury beatuty companies, Amanda Hume opened Vert in 2013 to be a fashion forward one-stop shop for high-quality natural and organic beauty and body products, at a reasonable price. 

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