Meet the Maker: Taspens Organics


We’re excited to welcome Taspen’s Organics to the Fall Flea mix, which is a Conifer, CO-based family business creating handmade organic and pure body care and wellness products. Founded by Heather and Keith Baruch, Taspen’s offers over 180 organic items from healing herbal salves and aromatherapy to herbal teas and energy bars. In 2017, Heather and Keith opened The Cosmic Kitchen, a welcoming, comforting space in Conifer that provides healing services, yoga, massages and a retail space with all of their beloved products.

what does your brand mean to you?

It is a blessing that we are able to do what we love by handcrafting truly pure and organic products for our customers. When Taspen’s was first created we didn’t realize the impact that we would make globally. Now 12 years later we see that our product line has been life changing for so many people and it has been a wonderful experience knowing that we are making a difference in the life of many people on a day to day basis by offering safe and effective herbal remedies.

first product you created? 

The first products in our product line were our Body Creams, Restore and Revive Remedy and No More Aches line.

How HAS your process evolved?

We are constantly creating new products, we went from handcrafting everything from our home to now having a staff that is as passionate as we are that handcrafts everything for us in our production center in Conifer. Without the amazing people that work within our small family owned and operated company we wouldn’t have grown to the brand we are today.

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

Dragonfly Botanicals. We are happy to be part of the progressive hemp movement. This part of our company has been very popular and we are happy to be able to provide our customers with pure and organic, handcrafted hemp products.

why do you do what you do?

We LOVE what we do! We love the people we work with, and we love knowing that we are making a positive impact on many lives on a day to day basis.

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

Our children, Taylor and Aspen were the inspiration for our brand. When Taylor was born we noticed that even at the natural stores we couldn’t find truly organic and pure products. That is when we started creating our own products.

what's the best part of your day?

Waking up in the morning and knowing we get to do what we love every day! It is also a blessing to have so many amazing resources available at Taspen’s, from our amazing practitioners, yoga studio, foot detoxes and our crystal healing bed, to our restaurant with all organic food, with gluten free and even vegan options.

best part about being a colorado maker?

The customers! Many Coloradans are very health conscious! They just “get” what we are all about!

on the denver flea wish list: 

Happiness Cream, because we’re always looking for ways to infuse a little more happy into our lives (with the added bonus that we get moisturized skin!).




Taspen’s is a combination of Taylor and Aspen. the name of our children.



We handcraft over 200 organic healing and wellness products.

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In addition to our wonderful organic and pure body care line, we have an organic restaurant in Conifer, CO, Taspen’s Cosmic Kitchen, a healing and wellness center (Taspen’s Healing Center) and a yoga studio (Shanti Studio). We also have a sister company (Dragonfly Botanicals) that uses organic industrial hemp derived CBDs.

Follow your dreams! If you are passionate about something you can make it happen!
— Jordanne Standley

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