Meet the Maker: TRI Vintage

TRI Vintage & Wares is a family-owned, socially responsible shop specializing in unique gifts and home goods sourced from local and global vendors. A longtime Flea vendor with a lovely brick-and-mortar location in Old Town Lafayette, CO, TRI Vintage offers a unique shopping experience, offering an array of beautiful, high-quality goods that appeal to all styles and budgets. In addition to TRI's wonderful shop and wares, the company also strives to create an impact through sponsoring safe homes around the world for rescued and at-risk youth. 

WHat was your inspiration for starting TRI Vintage?  

We have been traveling to India over the last 12 years working with street children. The children are by far our number 1 inspiration! On our many trips overseas we began to develop relationships with a number of artisans doing amazing work! As we often bought for ourselves, we began to dream about building a business around these beautiful people and products in the hopes of both supporting their craft while also sustainably funding the children’s homes we work alongside. WIN WIN!

how has your brand evolved? 

TRI was originally formed in 2011 as a MLM / direct sales company with the idea of merging a Toms Shoe style brand with a Mary Kay sales structure. We soon decided that Multi Level Marketing was not for us and shifted gears in 2013, opening our first retail store where we began adding vintage & locally handmade products into the mix. In that year we also started setting up mini shops at flea markets and craft fairs. We discovered the Denver Flea in 2014 and have loved partnering with this fun and inspiring market ever since!

what does your brand mean to you?

To us, TRI represents relationships. Whether with our artisan partners or guests to our shop, we believe that building authentic and meaningful relationships is what makes a company great! 

what materials do you work with? 

We LOVE nature! Most of our products are made from woods, plant fibers, stones and metals. Anytime we can add a unique and natural element to the shop we get a little giddy.

what's your favorite collection you've created? 

Our Kilim Collection of rugs, bags, and pillows are among our favorite items. Each one is unique and entirely hand-woven with all-natural fibers.

what's the best part of your day?

Some of our favorite moments are when we’re all together at the shop, with a coffee in hand, reminiscing of where we’ve been and dreaming of what the future could be. However, there’s nothing we love and appreciate more than listening to our customers share about the comfort and inspiration they feel in our space.

advice to others seeking a Similiar path in life? 

Over the last few years, we’ve made more mistakes than we can count and are certain that we’ll make plenty more in the future! However, among our most lasting lessons so far, is that being flexible, actively listening and being open to change have been invaluable in helping us learn from our mistakes. These skills have ultimately kept our business moving forward.

on the denver flea team's wish list: 

The Cotton Bed Cover, made by TRI's artisan vendors in India - our bedroom needs a little refresh!  




TRI was formed in 2011 as a way to sustainably fund prevention and aftercare programs for abused and at-risk youth.



We travel to India multiple times a year to work directly with our artisan partners and visit the children and staff of the homes we sponsor.

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Alongside our frequent trips to visit family, we scour the Midwest for the majority of our vintage finds. 

Although many customers think TRI stands for the trifecta of products we carry (vintage, handmade, & fair trade); it’s actually an acronym for “The Restoration Initiative”.
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