Meet the Maker: Union Stitch & Design


We're excited to welcome Union Stitch & Design to the Denver Flea family! Founded by Denver native Melissa Gallic, the company creates one-of-a-kind kitchen and dining wares, as well as custom aprons that are beloved by many of Mile High's top chefs. Working out of her modest home office into a face-paced sewing studio, Melissa designs, fabricates, hand-sews, and ships each Union Stitch & Design apron or linen personally.  Her technical ability and design sense combine to create truly one-of-a-kind kitchen & dining wares for both the professional and at-home chef.


My brand represents independence and pride for each restaurant that we create aprons for. It also means that for me. I am so proud when I go out in Denver and see everyone wearing their aprons.

what was your inspiration for starting your brand? 

My inspiration came from a request from Jennifer Jasinski to create an apron for Rioja. That’s how this all started. 

first product you created? 

I made a quilt for my son when I was pregnant. It took me pretty much the entire 9 months to finish, but it inspired me to really start sewing, and eventually led me to Union Stitch & Design.

Why do you do what you do? 

I do this because I love it with all my heart. I am still amazed that I get to do what I love. It also allows me to spend a lot of time with my kids, and that is really important to me. 

how has your BRAND evolved?

This brand has evolved through the help of our clients. They have been incredibly supportive, patient and kind. Denver loves their local businesses and supports them with tons of love and respect. 

What's your favorite product or collection that you've created? 

Every restaurant has a different apron, so it’s really hard to pick! I’m loving the bright colored straps we added last year. They add a really fun and unique look.

HAT's the best part of your day? 

Completing orders. It’s so rewarding to finish projects!!!

advice to other seeking a similar path in life? 

Know that it is super hard work, but if you keep at it, it will pay off!

best part of being a colorado maker? 

Take pride in Colorado because I am a native. My kids and I were all born at the same hospital, and my grandmother was a nurse there. I love it here, and it’s exciting to be part of something that is exploding! The energy of this industry is spectacular.

on the denver flea wish list: 

Since everything Melissa does is custom, we'd love a one of the dark denim aprons with aqua blue straps to wear while cooking some new spring recipes. 




We have made over 2,000 aprons, all out of my basement.



All our business is word of mouth and social media. We haven’t started marketing yet.



This company consists of myself and my best friend from college. My parents have even been known to show up and help.

I do this because I love it with all my heart. I am still amazed that I get to do what I love.
— Melissa Gallic