Meet the Maker: Vela Apparel


Vela Apparel owners Matt Holmes and Elise Reynolds live and work in Vail, CO, but inspiration for the company (which started in 2016) came while the couple was traveling in Italy and the Meditteranean Sea. Named after the constellation Vela, which mean "the sails" in the Latin, the company keeps a love of travel at it's core, and the exploratory nature of its namesake sailing ship constellation is symbolic of the spirit found in both Vela's designs and customers.  For those of you with summertime outdoor adventures ahead, be sure to visit Vela Apparel at Spring Flea and check out their collection of comfortable, stylish clothing, gear, and nature-inspired art prints. 

what does your brand mean to you?

Vela challenges the need to impose artificial structure, order, and predictability in our lives. We believe that embracing the natural and spontaneous qualities of adventure is fundamental to living a fulfilling life.

how has your BRAND evolved over the years? 

We use to think of ourselves as just a fun, graphic apparel company. We found that all of our customers identify with the art and feel of the clothes in a deeper way, and since then have seen ourselves as a lifestyle brand that does more than just make clothes.

what materials do you work with?

We work mostly with fabrics, most of which are recycled, organic, or sustainable. We also work with ceramics, high-quality prints paper, silk screens, reclaimed wood.

what's your favorite product or collection you've created? 

Our Iceland Collection was our most exciting and authentic collection of products that we have put together so far.

why do you do what you do?

We are creators. We love to build, design, and manifest our ideas into reality.

What was your inspiration for starting your brand?

Every time we travel, or embark on some adventure, the creativity and inspiration that we have is so much deeper and more meaningful than any other time. We believe this is because breaking out of the order of everyday, modern life challenges our paradigms and opens us to new feelings and understandings. Vela is the way we try to create this reality for us and others every day, everywhere.

what's the best part of your day?

Our daily hikes in the mountains of Vail, CO, with our two rescue dogs from Mexico while we talk about the business or our next dreams of adventure.

best part about being a colorado maker?

Where we call home, other people call their vacation. It truly is paradise in the Colorado Rockies.


There’s a lot of really amazing jewelers like April Aultman of April Aultman Jewelry and Gemma Ann Hearn of Black Betty Jewelry that we would love to open a shop with. They both have really beautiful designs that we believe complement ours.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The "Snuggle is Real" Mexican Blanket for warm spring days in Wash Park!


IMG_4944 2.JPG


We founded the company while traveling in Northern Italy.



We are a husband and wife team.

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Vela is a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere, the sail of a ship called Argo Navis.

We are creators. We love to build, design, and manifest our ideas into reality.
— Elise & Matt