Meet the Maker: Vortic Watch Co

Initially conceived as a class project at Penn State University, Vortic Watch Co is a high-end wristwatch engineering and manufacturing company based in Fort Collins, CO. The Vortic team combines the cutting-edge technology of metal 3D printing with antique American-made pocket watch pieces and movements to create unique bespoke wristwatches. Receiving love from national publications such as the New York Times, Vortic is also the official watch of Red Rocks Amphitheater and makes custom watches presented to Hall of Fame inductees. 

WHat was your inspiration for starting vortic watch co? 

We wanted to build a truly American made wrist watch, and create a brand that could tell amazing stories. So far so good we think.

first product you created? 

The American Artisan Series (our current flagship product).

how has your process evolved?

We’re on revision 13 of that original product. It gets better every day.

WHY DO YOU DO what you do? 

We are salvaging and restoring pieces of American history. Each piece we build has a story to tell, and we’re the only ones able to tell it.


The call from a customer who is so happy with his/her watch that they are almost in tears and tell us how thankful they are for what we do.


We built a case for a pocket watch that was given to an olympian as a gift from the USSR because the USA did not go to the 1980 olympics. It was his prized possession and now he can wear it on the wrist!

how has your brand evolved and grown over the years?

We have had a lot of customers give us great ideas. They want to see a feature in a new product and they ask us, “have you tried this yet…?” and a lot of times the answer is no. It’s great fun working on an idea you know will sell, because it came from a customer.

what's the best part about being a colorado maker? 

It’s sunny here. All the time. How could you not be happy about that?!

on the denver flea team's wish list: 

The Watch Builder, so we can customize our own American Artisan Series watch to sport this Spring.

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We make the only 100% American-made watch.

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We're the only watch company in Colorado.


We started our business with funds raised from a pitch competition in college.

“American Made” used to be synonymous with quality. We believe we can bring that back.