Meet the Maker: Wanderwide


What began as a simple desire to track his climbs and a blank space on his wall, led Denver-based designer and mountaineer Nathan Downey to stumble onto several revelations about the adventure community - one being that adventurers like to record their acheivements; second, people like to remember the epic trips of the past and dream for those yet to come; and lastly, all these folks want to have a tasteful way to display their passion. And from there, Wanderwide - and its collection of unique register posters of 14ers, summits, and national parks - was born. 


Wanderwide is really an extension of our lifestyle. We’re pretty passionate about the role that travel and exploration have in making the world a better place—we believe that the more we get out of our routine and experience moments of inspiration, the more empathetic and connected our world will become. Our adventure charts are created to inspire people to explore their world and keep them dreaming of what might be next.

first product you created? 

The 14er Summit Register. We created it back in 2012 simply because we wanted a way to track and display our climbs that would also reflect our love of simple, modern design. We screen printed the first edition in our friend’s garage, thinking it would just be a fun one-off project. The demand for that first run of prints opened our eyes to the need for a beautiful way to display and track adventures.

HOw was your process evolved?

Following the 14er Summit Register, we’ve continued to hone in on the intersection of aesthetics and adventure-tracking. Everyone has a unique passion they like to keep track of and show off to their friends, and every person’s definition of adventure is really different. The really fun part is identifying these niche adventure obsessions and creating functional art for each unique audience to inspire them into further exploration. It’s so rewarding to hear all the stories of how our prints have brought people together and how they have inspired so many amazing experiences. It motivates us to continue to release new prints and empower new communities. 

Why do you do what you do? 

We believe in responsible, sustainable adventuring, so we are committed to ensuring that the we support and stand by the organizations that preserve the beautiful things around the world. In pursuit of this, we donate $1 from every print sold to a non-profit that protects and preserves the destinations featured in that print.


We have incredible craftsmen partners that we’ve worked with for years that have really taken the quality of our products to the next level of polish. Joe, at Moonlight Speed Press, screen prints all of our work with extreme care and detail, and David & Carlen, at Host & Toast Studio, hand-build every frame custom to our prints with the top-line materials. We couldn’t offer the quality of products without their partnership and craftsmanship.

 What's your favorite product or collection that you've created? 

How can we pick? We love them all! Our latest print, The World Wonders, was a real work of love and detail—plus it made us realize how many more adventures lie ahead! After we finished that design, we celebrated by booking some international travel. The World Wonders will be launching at the Spring Flea and we’re very excited to share it with this awesome community!

WHAT's the best part of your day? 

Hearing stories about the experiences our prints have facilitated! Just yesterday we heard from a girl who bought a National Parks Register for her dad, and said it was the most she’s talked to her dad for years. They stamped off the parks they’d visited together and recounted stories and memories from their trips for hours, and really reignited their relationship. To think that a simple piece of art can create such powerful human connections is really humbling, and part of being a colorado maker? 

What's the best part of being a colorado maker?

The community—both the other makers and the people that purchase and show their support for us. We’re so lucky here in Denver—there are so many people that have an appreciation for local craftsmen.

on the denver flea wish list: 

The World Wonders Register Print, which the Wanderwide crew will be debuting at Spring Flea! 




We never intended to exist as a brand. It’s really an accident. A really happy, fun accident that there’s demand for a piece of art we originally made for our own home.



Our shop dog is a huge Mastiff puppy. 



We’re always excited to hear what adventures you’d like to track on a register print, and base our design schedule around your requests! So if you have an idea for register print you think a lot of people would like, let us know!

We believe in responsible, sustainable adventuring, so we are committed to ensuring that the we support and stand by the organizations that preserve the beautiful things around the world.
— Nathan Downey