Meet the Maker: YoColorado


A longtime Flea vendor, YoColorado is all about celebrating Colorado, providing locals, transplants, and visitors alike with the best selection of high quality Colorado gear. Initially starting out as a basement operation selling t-shirts to friends and family, the YoColorado team has since moved it's HQ to Golden, Colorado, where they continue to create unique beanies, hats, and tees for all ages and activities. 


YoColorado is all about celebrating the Colorado lifestyle.  We life in such a beautiful place with so many amazing things to do outside, and the prevailing attitude out west is to follow your dreams and and get outside - the two often go hand in hand.  Our goal is to produce hats and apparel that reflect this philosophy, and convey a sense of fun and excitement that illustrates the passion and sense of adventure.

first product you created? 

The Original Colorado State Beanie - we still sell it! 

how has your brand evolved? 

It’s funny once you start designing products for public consumption - in the beginning you never really know how you will be perceived or if you’ll even sell enough to do it in the long term.  But my partner and I had a specific vision for what we wanted our products to be - high quality construction with designs that communicate vintage surf and snow brands from the 60’s and 70’s.  We’ve always appreciated the laid-back aesthetic of those old school brands, and at the time we started YoColorado, we just weren’t seeing very much of those types of designs or products.

why do you do what you do? 

Everything we did before we started YoColorado, seems to point right to YoColorado today.  For years we worked in the world of graphic apparel design, branding, and merchandising - we’ve helped build many brands through custom apparel - and really it makes perfect sense to us now that we're building our own.  We both love this kind of work - designing and connecting our products to the public.  It's really been a natural evolution for both of us.

Do you find yourself consistently working with certain fabrics, designs, brands, etc.?  

We are always looking out there to see what’s next.  We know we can’t rest on our previous successes.  Good design is what inspires us more than anything.  Often we’ll go through thrift shops just to see what used to be the trend 20 or 30 years ago.  Or look through old magazines to see what companies were doing with styles and colors and fabrics back then.  It’s a lot of fun to bring old and new together - it makes for a great product when you combine elements that are familiar with features that are modern.

best part of being a colorado maker? 

The people of Colorado have been great to us.  From store owners to event organizers, vendors to customers - we just really enjoy the spirit of Colorado!  I mean, what state is having more fun than us right now?

on the denver flea wish list: 

The Yo Retro Colorado Pom Beanie to keep us warm and CO Proud this winter! 

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We started out as a ski beanie company.



YoColorado is a family business. Two families, in fact - the Maslowskys and the Millers. 



The two YoColorado partners worked together at an agency in Boulder, before breaking out on their own.

While being “boots on the ground” for our brand can be exhausting at times, we love connecting directly with our customers, gathering feedback and design ideas from the very people who inspired us to start our company - Coloradans!