Event Details

When is the Holiday Flea?

The Holiday Flea will be held over four weekends:

  • Weekend One: Friday, November 23 (Black Friday)-Sunday, November 25

  • Weekend Two: Thursday, November 29-Sunday, December 2

  • Weekend Three: Thursday, December 6-Sunday, December 9

  • Weekend Four: Thursday, December 13-Sunday, December 16

Where is Denver Flea held?

The Holiday Flea will be held at Denver Union Station in Downtown Denver.  

Vendor Questions

How does the new Denver Flea vendor application process work?

The Denver Flea is a juried event and is carefully curated to create a one-of-a-kind market. 

Applications for the Holiday Flea will open up the week of October 8 and close on October 19. Interested vendors can apply for one weekend and up to all four weekends. We will alert all vendors whether they have been accepted for a Holiday Flea weekend during the week of October 22.

All applications will be reviewed by the Denver Flea team. Applicants are judged on the quality, creativity, originality, and branding of their wares, in order to maintain an eclectic, complementary mix of vendors and artisans.  The Denver Flea team is committed to curating a diverse and interesting market to draw the largest number of serious customers.

There is more demand then we have room for, so please understand that we cannot accept everyone. 


What are the different vendor booth options?

There are three different vendor/booth options available, and we’ve listed them out below. Each booth price includes the cost of the required white pole tents that all Holiday Flea vendors must use.

  • Tier One: $2,100 for a 10x20 booth space and white pole tents, plus preferred location selection and marketing perks

  • Tier Two: $1,100 for a 10x10 booth space and white pole tent, plus preferred location selection and marketing perks

  • Tier Three: $600 for a 10x10 booth space and white pole tent


How do I apply and submit payment? 

All interested sellers, including past vendors, must do two things: fill out an application and submit a $25 non-refundable application fee at the end of the application. 


Can I share a booth? 

Yes, but no more than two vendors to a booth. Both vendors in the shared booth must submit their own respective application and $25 non-refundable application fee, along with a note about your booth applicant's info in the application - name, website, etc. Both Vendors must be approved by the jury in order to be accepted.

If you and your booth partner are accepted to Holiday Flea, the booth share fee is an additional $50 on top of the price of the booth. 

If you initially apply without a booth partner and would like to add one later on, you must email the Denver Flea team with the update and have the shared booth partner approved. 


Is my application fee refundable? 

The $25 application fee is non-refundable, and is used to cover the growing admin and staff costs associated with reviewing the hundreds and hundreds of applications for each show. 

**Should you be accepted, the application fee is NOT applied towards the cost of your Holiday Flea booth.


If I was not accepted to the Summer or Fall Flea, can I apply again?

Yes! We will be opening a new round of registration for each Flea and will review all applicants for each round. So, if you are not chosen to be a Flea vendor for a specific show we encourage you to apply again. 


What comes with my booth if I am selected to be a vendor?

We will have tables available for rent. Otherwise, vendors are responsible for bringing all other furniture (i.e. chairs), fixtures, and décor to define their space .


What if I need to cancel?

If you need to cancel you must notify us via email. To receive a FULL refund you must email us within one week after you are notified of your acceptance. If you cancel after this point we will apply 50% of your Booth Fee as a credit for the next show and you forfeit the other half of the payment. Any cancellations within two weeks of the event will not get a refund – you forfeit your fee and spot.


Will electricity and Wi-Fi be available during the event? 

We are working to figure out the electricity and Wi-Fi availability for vendors at Union Station.


How does vendor load-in work?

We typically offer vendor load-in over the course of several days leading up to the event. We will send the exact days/times for load-in 1-2 weeks before the Flea weekend. 


What do I need to know abut permits and taxes as a Flea vendor? 

We recommend that your business complies with your local tax regulations by registering your business, collecting sales tax, and reporting and remitting sales tax. While we cannot offer specific guidance about tax compliance, if you have questions we recommend you consult with an accountant or www.irs.gov for more details.


Do I have to live in Denver to participate?

No, our goal is to get people to buy and support independent design and small business owners. Most Flea vendors reside in Colorado, but we accept people from all over the country, and love sharing great talent from all around!

More Info

How can I apply as a food truck vendor?

Food trucks must email rachael@denverflea.com for more information.


How can I apply as a sponsor?

Check out our Partnerships page for more details or email hello@denverflea.com.


What if the FAQs haven’t answered my question yet? 

Email vendorquestions@denverflea.com with your question – or simply to say howdy!