Holiday Food Truck Info 

We’re taking over the former Denver Post facility for four days of Flea! PLEASE READ THIS CAREFULLY!

There is a lot of information and this is your resource. Any questions or concerns please contact Nicki for assistance ( or call(303-956-5920)

DENVER HOLIDAY FLEA DETAILS: Denver Flea will be at 4400 Fox Street. Denver CO

THURSDAY - 5pm - 9pm - $45

FRIDAY -  6pm - 10pm - $35

SATURDAY - 10am - 8pm - $5

SUNDAY - 10am - 6pm - $5

We are charging $5 for Holiday Flea - Click Here for info

All participants are required to hold current Retail Food Mobile License with the City and County of Denver and insurance.  


The event is in the former Denver Post Facility at 4400 Fox Street. Trucks will be parked outside the venue. Please arrive an hour before the event starts.

- People will access the Food Truck area through the building. 

- When you arrive, enter where the map says "enter here" from there you will drive around until you see the fenced food truck area. We will check you in there and show you where to pull in. 

- Electricity: We cannot provide electricity to any Food Trucks. Bring a generator & fuel!

- As always, Flea will get 10% of your gross revenue each day you are present. A Flea team member, will check you out on site after you close up. 

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Any questions or concerns please contact Nicki for assistance or call (303-956-5920)