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Fashion for us. Hope, Education, Water, and Employment for them. Landmine Design exists due to the tireless hours and unmatched dedication of our creators on the ground creating beautiful products for you.

What does landmine design mean to you?

Landmine Design is a story of hope. We employ women living on a former minefield along one of the most human trafficked borders in the world, and work preventatively against trafficking by providing education and employment. To me, Landmine Design is the answer to the cycle of poverty so prevalent in Cambodia. Landmine Design is a catalyst sparking change for a generation we’re working tirelessly to elevate; it’s a stake in the ground claiming a new story of hope and opportunity.



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Every bead is rolled from paper and every piece is made by hand in The Minefield Village of Cambodia!


The women of Landmine Design are educated in the areas of health and hygiene, financial management, literacy, and spiritual development. 


The women of Landmine Design are paid a monthly salary comparable to that of a factory worker working inhumane hours in poor facilities.  The difference for the LandMine Design women is the ability to work part time safely from home in order to stay near their children, while receiving a sustainable income - we’re so grateful! 

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What'S a day in your shoes like?

Well, my shoes are far less interesting than that of the women of Landmine Design (who rarely have any shoes at all!) A woman of Landmine Design wakes up with the sun, fetches water to carry home, cooks and cleans and tends to her home, sends her children to school, works under the hot sun, and attends work and class at Landmine Design HQ - and this is all before noon! The days in The Minefield Village are long; the labor is intense; and the sun is hot. Yet, we’re seeing a changing landscape as hope and joy begin seeping through what has been deprivation and despair. 

Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration to keep moving forward comes from simply witnessing a landscape and lives in desperate need. Inspiration for design and creative direction comes from the women I’m always happy to serve - the Landmine Design customer walks about the world with confidence and cares deeply about the community surrounding her. She’s always been my inspiration, and she’s the fuel keeping everything moving forward (so if that’s you, thank you!)

What's your greatest accomplishment?

Well, to be honest we pinch ourselves pretty regularly that this even exists or is running successfully in the middle of a minefield on the other side of the globe! Truly, we’re always amazed. To date, we’re deeply proud to share we have raised up indigenous leadership to run the initiative on the ground in Cambodia. Also, last August we celebrated the completion of Landmine Design Headquarters, a big beautiful building claiming hope right in the middle of The Minefield Village, a place where women gather to learn and exercise their right to work in dignified ways and lead their community towards change.  

Where did you get your start?

Landmine Design stems from its parent non-profit, LightBridge International, an organization serving the orphan and the poor throughout Southeast Asia. Landmine Design began due to witnessing pure need to provide women with jobs, and we attest its success today to nothing but the grit of all the women behind it. We always say, start where you are with what you have. And then keep at it. That’s the story of Landmine Design, and we’re grateful for where it’s brought us.

We’re so honored to play a role in equipping these women for a better future.
— Kristie Dunnigan

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