FLEAKIN' OUT WITH mountain standard

Mountain Standard focuses on the necessities, with subtle updates. Their products are not designed around nostalgia or alpine tradition; they're are motivated by clean, timeless, versatile designs with just the right amount of technology and functionality. The brand offers a handful of necessary products instead of a glut of mediocre ones. Most simply… the mountain standards.  

What does Mountain standard mean to you?

For us, it’s about the friends, the group, the community…the crew. It’s about laughing, learning, hurting, eating, drinking, teaching and being on the road heading towards something to be explored. It’s about making sure everyone has each other’s back and at the same time pushing each other.

It’s being open minded enough to understanding other’s perspectives and finding common ground in our passions and pursuits.

It’s about chasing the Dream Seasons around our region that are dictated by what the weather is doing and what the terrain has to offer. 

It’s about coming home smelling like campfire smoke and maple syrup with dirt under your fingernails.  It’s the stoke from these trips that keeps us going until the next one.




We’re based in Boulder.


We’re under two years old.


We love playing outside! 

Helliemae's Banana Pudding-11.jpg

Where do you find inspiration?

We want to help people understand that adventure can happen anywhere, and often the best are “Right In My Backyard”.  |RIMBY| is not some far away land; it’s the stories created just a few minutes or hours from home.

Our red |RIMBY| bars frame up this vibe and the diverse landscapes of the Mountain Standard state of mind. 

Where did you get your start?

We started over 15 years ago designing products for some of the outdoor industry’s leading brands. They say, “You are a product of your environment.”  This is defiantly true for us.  We are a collection of product lovers, mountain bikers, Industry insiders, fisherman, designers, skiers, dirt bikers, innovators, world travelers, river runners, climbers, natives, transplants, creatives, critics and collaborators.

We are relatively simple people with complex ideas and an adventure ready spirit.

It began with an idea to do things a little differently in the outdoor industry—to put community before “brand.”
— Brennah Rosenthal